One of the most tragic crimes of the human history: The HODJALİ GENOCIDE by Ali KÜLEBİ

hocali_genocideOne of the most tragic crimes of human history was committed by Armenians in the Hocalı (Hodjali) district of Azerbaijan at the night of 25th of February in 1992. Upon the directions of the incumbent president of the Republic of Armenia, who accuses Turkey of the so-called Armenian genocide, the Armenian forces undertook armed action against the town of Hodjali in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan with the intention of massacre. As a result of the invasion of Hodjali, civilian and unarmed people of Azerbaijan were murdered by Armenian armed forces. According to official data, 613 people were killed that night, of those 83 children and 106 women were murdered through ruthless methods of torture. Besides 487 people were heavily wounded, 1275 were taken hostage and the remaining people underwent psychological traumas. 130 children became half and 26 children became full orphan. The Armenian soldiers killed their victims mercilessly hollowing their eyes, flaying their skulls and cutting various parts of their body. Pregnant women and their unborn babies were butchered and many people were buried alive. Even the corpses of the many martyrs were burned.

The massacre committed by Armenian armed forces 22 years ago in Hodjali is analogous to the massacre of Serebrenica committed by Milosevic in 1995 in Bosnia Herzegovina. As is known the massacre of Serebrenica was recognised by the International Criminal Tribunal For The Former Yugoslavia as GENOCIDE.

Mass killings of Azerbaijan people by Armenian armed forces fully coincides with the genocide concept described as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” in the second article of the Convention on Genocide adopted by the United Nations in 1948. The massacre in Hodjali by Armenian armed forces fits the two of the five conditions of the second article of the UN Convention on Genocide, that describes which acts shall be regarded as genocide. The article mentions that any of those five acts is adequate for an action to be considered as genocide. The mass killings in Hodjali by the Armenian armed forces are compatible with the first and second paragraphs of the second article of the UN Convention on Genocide, which describe genocide as “Killing members of the group” and “Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group”.

With the Hodjali Genocide, a civil community were exterminated/massacred, just because of their ethnic identities, by Armenian armed forces; and hence, the crime of genocide as the most significant crimes of humanity were committed. But, the realities about the Hodjali Genocide have unfortunately not been sufficiently heard in the international arena. Robert Kocharian, the incumbent president of the Republic of Armenia and known clearly as the person responsible for the Hodjali Genocide, and the other responsible could not be punished within the framework of international law despite solid evidence.

Although 22 years have passed since the event, it is seen that the UN, which carries great responsibilities with regard to the incident, and other international organizations do not give the necessary importance to the issue. Same situation is also true about the continuing occupation of the Azerbaijani territory by Republic of Armenia, as is stated in the UN Security Council Resolutions of 822, 853, 874 and 884 and in the Parliamentarian Assembly of the Council of Europe Resolution 1416 dated 25 January 2005.

In this respect, it is a duty of all the concerned persons calling the world community as a whole, along with the interested and authorized institutions for moving to act with respect to the issue, putting an end to the Armenian occupation of the Azerbaijani territory, pronouncing the incident with its real name as the HODJALI GENOCIDE and taking initiatives regarding the punishment of the responsible.

Ali KÜLEBİ, February 2014

Open Letter to President Barack Obama by Bircan Unver

Bircan Unver, Light Millennium

Bircan Unver, Light Millennium


President Barack Obama
The White House 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Date: April 22, 2011 (Updated: April 23, 2011)

On the “Armenian Resolutions”, “Discriminations” and the on going “Threats” to the Turkish-Americans…

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing this letter for below three requests using my first individual and defense rights that secured by the “First Amendment of the Constitutional” for “freedom of expression” and “every human being has a right to live in dignity and prosperity.
My three Requests are:

1) Ratification of the Republic of Turkey by the U.S. Senate.

2) Withdrawing of the Armenian Resolution from the U.S. House and Senate considerations forever.

3) The Annual U.S. President’s Speech on the Armenian Claims in reference to the 1915 should not continue or equally should represent the loses of the Ottomans and Turks as well as all to respect and include all other major casualties within the related date/s that were caused by the U.S. and other imperial powers throughout the 20th Century, and up today.

As a Turkish-American, since I had stepped on the land of the United States as the Turkish Citizen as the first time in 1989, since then, I’ve been personally attacked, accused, blamed, and almost each and every encounter with an Armenian dissident over 20 years in the U.S. I’ve felt I’ve been snapping on my face sharply, being blamed the murderers of claimed from 1.5 to 3 million Armenian casualties (the claimed numbers changed each time depending on the person) being insulted, discriminated or disabled simply by being Turkish-born. I’ve felt that there are strong favors or subtle discriminations in any efforts I’ve been trying to make over the years by Armenians, wherever an Armenian dissident is in charge or an effect. All that as part of daily base practices happen by Armenian dissidents are to all Turkish dissidents just SIMPLY being a Turkish native.

In person as well as rest of the Turkish-Americans, who live in the U.S., we’ve mostly been facing to similar manner on a daily base in all our efforts and existence here. The Armenian Diaspora’s and U.S. based the Armenian Community’s “unjust”, “unfair”, “blocking in main-stream media and nation-wide television channels” and in most of the effective educational institutions not to allowing our voices to be heard and reach the American community at large via “building up hatred in all Armenians” as well as “in all American nation at large” that starts from the elementary schools in some cities against to all Turkish-American people, who live in the U.S., and to all the Turkish people in Turkey as well as in the world. This has been clearly and openly practiced and turned out one of the most serious violations of “basic birth rights” and “human rights” and another form of discrimination to all Turkish-Americans in the U.S.

Yet, the U.S. Senate has been putting all efforts, very valuable time, and resources in favoring of the Armenian Diaspora against to all Turkish-Americans, Turks worldwide and to the Turkish Nation at large. More importantly, this has been presented and practiced as part of the U.S. Domestic politics since 1981.

This also comes out more and more clear from various subtle layers that all these sources have been used in the eyes of American public to pre-conditioned their minds and built-up hatred nation-wide, in particular, starting within the “education system” in the U.S. This is, also considered as part of a deliberate effort to revitalize the “Treaty of Sevres” (1920). Otherwise, all these ongoing threaten attempts do not serve to the majority citizen of the United States neither to both Armenian and Turkish communities in the U.S. nor in between the neighboring countries.

Moreover, in the recent years of the “Armenian Resolutions”, the U.S. House of Representatives undermines formation and existence of the Republic of Turkey since 1923 (Treaty of Lausanne), in the ways of “presenting” and “voting” in favor of Armenian Resolution each and every year since 1981. In it, initial claim of the year deliberately has changed and extended over the years from 1915 to 1923!

Yet, since the formation of the Republic of Turkey, the U.S. Senate has never “ratified” the “Republic of Turkey”.
This has been encouraging the Armenian Diaspora and all Armenians world-wide since the formation of Turkey with an overall aim; a) bringing back the “Treaty of Sevres” (1920) directly and through with the support of the U.S. House of Representatives; b) Allow and keep encouraging to the Armenian Nation to claim on the international level to divide of Turkey in the name of “compensation” through the U.S. House of Representatives that is also directly serving to this goal while undermining the full rights of the Turkish Nation as well as sovereignty of the Turkey; c) Despite Turkey and the U.S. have been partners through NATO, for the Greater Middle Eastern Project, in over annually 45 billion dollars deal alone in aero and security business, being a hub for the “energy transform” from east to west – south to north, the U.S. attempts to keep bringing the Armenian Resolution to the U.S. HR threats not only Turkey, all the region and in the big picture, majority of people of the United States.

DISCRIMINATION: Turkish-Americans have been discriminated in many areas, various institutions and in media at large in many subtle ways and behind the doors including job placements, blocked collaborations and paid advertisement that every year since 1981, the President of the United States statements on April 24 has been encouraging “anti-acts” to all the Turkish Americans by the Armenian Diaspora, and at large by the Armenian-Americans in any institutions they are involved in any degree. In particular, “anti-Turkish” Armenian Resolution serves increasing hatred against to the Turkish-American Community at large in the United States as well serves much more unfair actions and sustains the conflict and another form of the “cold war” between Turkish-American and Armenian-American communities in the United States at large as well as between the neighboring countries and the world wide.

Mr. President,

As a simple–ordinary Turkish-American Citizen, I claim the following: The U.S. Senate MUST “RATIFIED” the Republic of Turkey since its formation, and withdrawn the Armenian Resolution from the U.S. House and Senate considerations forever.

With that the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives SHOULD never allow to be used as the highest platform to decide destiny of near to 75 million population of Turkey based on the fabricated facts of the history, which is consider, in that part of the history, including the U.S. and all emperor powers of the time has a great role and responsibility of the outcome of the “1915!”

Further, it comes more and more clear that this is still part of the “Old World Order”, which was designed prior WWI that is still in effect despite your vision for a “New World Order” that encourages collaborations, unity and a more peaceful world, which is the most needed one.

I greatly appreciate of your very valuable time for reading this open letter and consideration “Ratification” of Republic of Turkey at the U.S. Senate and withdrawal of Armenian Resolution forever.

Thank you very much,

Respectfully yours,
Bircan Ünver (Culkin), Founding President of The Light Millennium – Permanent Rep. to the UN DPI/NGO Section & A Turkish-American and World Citizen – Queens, New York

– Open Letter as Pdf file

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*First Draft: April 24, 2010; Second Draft: May 4, 2010. Finalized: April 22, 2011 – Updated: April 23, 2011.

A brief hopscotch scroll in the Ottoman history and economy.






This program originally produced as 90 minutes presentation. It is divided into three parts by Bircan Unver in order to schedule it under the Light Millennium TV Weekly Series in Queens and Manhattan.

DISCLOSURE BY THE PRODUCER AND AUHTOR SUKRU SERVER AYA: The information given in this pocket size pictured booklet, is excerpted from neutral or anti-Turkish foreign sources. All references can be founded in the index sections of the books referred on the cover! This trial work is not intended a library book, but it is the written text of a Power Point Presentation available separately in English and Turkish.

I convey my open thanks to below friends for their valued assistances:

Mrs. Meral Silahtaroğlu – for inspiring the need of a condensed DVD
Mrs. Alexandra Yeliz Ataç – for narration of English text
Mr. Naki Ataman – for the music
Mr. Tarık Keremoğlu – for the sound laboratory and DVD preparation
Mr. Melih Berk – for the valued and time spending coordination
Dr. Mustafa Şevki Ataç and his team – for the all time full support and team work!
My book “the Genocide of Truth” and chapters from the second book “The Genocide of Truth Continues…but Facts Tell the Real Story” plus over 330 articles can be read and downloaded at “” including my previous TV shows or conferences.

Şükrü Server Aya – İstanbul 2011

July 2012. The Light Millennium presented. – E-mail:





ASALA’s Day in the French National Assembly, Saturday, 7 January 2012 by Maxime Gauin

Maxime Gauin

Maxime Gauin

“Inquisitorial, liberticidal and obscurantist” said Josselin de Rohan, then Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the French Senate, on May 4, 2011. The first censorship bill regarding the Armenian issue was rejected by an overwhelming majority of senators. For purely electoral reasons, Nicolas Sarkozy oversaw the vote of a similar, new bill on December 22. The text was presented by Marseille’s Deputy Valérie Boyer. The text was adopted, against the opinion of most French editorialists, from the social-democrat Jean Daniel to the conservative YvanRioufol, who are hostile to the draft, against the statements of prominent French historians including Pierre Nora, and also against the hostility of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Alain Juppé and “discontentment” of the Minister of Interior Claude Guéant.

As too often, Mr. Sarkozy acted without reflection and did not fear self-contradiction. And as usual for the Armenian bill, only fifty deputies attended the vote—not even ten percent of the total. 

Letter Of Turkish Armenian Sevan Ince Before Committing Suicide

Sevan Ince
Sevan Ince

The other night, we four Armenian friends were out from our Clubhouse and enjoying our water pipes at Galatasaray. The conversation turned around and came to the known topic. I sensed that every one is troubled on the same subject. How would you make this heard to the world as a Turk with Armenian origin being a simple citizen of Turkey? . .

You are not a reputed artist, politician or president of some association that others would extend the microphone to you for an interview. You are not a columnist, so that you can make your ideas heard from your newspaper corner. All is fine, but we are fed up with this affair. Other persons speak in our place, knowing or having no idea. [Read more…]

An Interview by “Le Monde” with Bernard Lewis By: Ayhan Ozer

Recently, the lower Chamber of the French National Assembly adopted a Resolution making the denial of the so-called “Armenian Genocide” a crime punishable by one year of jail term and 40,000 Euros.

This brings to mind an interview conducted in 1993 by the French daily Le Monde with the eminent Turkish and Middle East historian Bernard Lewis. In the aftermath of this interview Mr. Lewis was sued by the Armenian organizations in France on the grounds of denial the Armenian genocide, which the Armenians conveniently equate with the Jewish Holocaust. This preposterous court action yielded nothing. The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post criticized France in their editorials. I had translated this interview from French, and it was published in the Turkish Times. Below, are the segments of that interview that deal with the Armenian issue, and my Turkish Times article on this subject dated September 1995. The account of this episode from my file may serve as a historical background. I hope you will find it of interest. Please read on.     [Read more…]

Armenian Propaganda Against Turkey – Setting the Record Straight

Yuksel Oktay

Yuksel Oktay

One of the earliest and best publications on revealing the Armenian propaganda against Turkey was a 20 page booklet prepared and issued by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) in 1982, almost 30 years ago. The booklet, Setting the Record Straight” opens with an advertisement that appeared in the New York Times on December 24, 1980, which begins with an appeal to all Americans to condemn terrorism and lists the names of Turkish ambassadors, Consul Generals and foreign service members who were murdered by Armenian terrorists. The booklet clearly states that “There was no genocide committed against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire before or during World War One.”

The recent media reports on the French proposal reminded me of another booklet, issued by TESEV, but written by Aybars Gorgulu, a graduate of Saint Benoit French High School in Istanbul, whose president is one of the signatories to the letter to French Senate. The booklet, entitled, “Turkey-Armenia Relations: A Vicious Circle”, is 48 pages and examines the history of Turkey-Armenia relations, which have never been able to normalize since Armenia became an independent state. The one sided presentation is primarily on the obstacles to normalization of relations, attempts to find a solution and why a solution is necessary. However, there is no mention of the Armenian revolts and the resurrections across the eastern Anatolia, the massacre of Turks during World War One, which caused the drastic resettlement action that the Ottoman government took, and the murder of Turkish diplomats explained in the above pamphlet. There is also no information on the role of the western powers who created the Armenian issue and were determined to partition Turkey, especially the role of the French. [Read more…]

Anatolia in Armenia – A Documentary called “Nor Anadolu – New Anadolu”

A two page article, complete with a large photograph of Yerevan (Erivan) with Mount Agri (Ararat) in the background tells the story of a documentary on cities established in Armenia with Turkish names – Arapgir, Maras, Malatya, Van. The article, written by Alpugra Bahadir Gultekin in Radikal newspaper (July 27, 2011), states that GPOT and Canfilm working with Internews Armenia has produced documentaries to further the dialog between the Turks and the Armenians.


Burak Pekgezer, an Armenian Turk and 5 other Turkish directors, has toured Armenia and produced 6 documentary films, starting in Yerevan. Burak Pekgezer’s documentary, “Nor Anadolu – New Anadolu” tells the story of three different characters and stories. The documentary opens with a panoramic photograph of Yerevan, one of the oldest cities of the world, a peer of Rome and Carthagenos in Tunusia, believed to be found in 782 BC (1). Names of some of the districts in modern Yerevan include Malatya, Maras, Antep, places where Armenians migrated from during and after the First World War.

[Read more…]