The analysis of Chairman of TURKSAM Sinan OĞAN is published in Hurriyet Daily News – 19 August 2010

Sinan OĞAN

Sinan OĞAN

Caucasus-watchers are alarmed by the potential for renewed hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh. Frustrated at the lack of progress through diplomatic means, Baku is rapidly boosting its arsenal as Yerevan ramps up military cooperation with Russia, raising concerns that armed skirmishes could resume and even spiral into war

Increased frustration with the lack of progress in diplomatic efforts to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh issue is fueling ramped-up military initiatives in Azerbaijan and Armenia, raising concerns about a revival of armed conflict in the Caucasus.
“The conviction that the Nagorno-Karabakh problem cannot be solved through peaceful means is becoming the predominant view in Azerbaijan,” Sinan Oğan, director of the Turkish Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis, or TÜRKSAM, told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review.

Cypriot Turks in ‘’Dawn Turn’’ and Bosnians Waiting for Their Identities in Their Graves – 20 July 2010

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) celebrated the 36th anniversary of 20th July 1974 Peace Operation which was a real landmark. The crowd, having gathered in the Yavuz Landing Beach the night before, waited the moment that brought peace to the island and freedom to Turks living in Cyprus 36 years before, with ‘’Dawn Turn’’. Even though sometimes different opinions about the time span following 20th July 1974 came up, all Cypriot Turks are like-minded about the fact that 20th July 1974 is an interference stopping the massacres. If the opinion had not been arranged and Greek Coup had been successful, without doubt the massacres in Murataga, Sandallar, Atlılar, Taskent villages would have happened in the whole island. Even Greece and Greek populated southern Cyprus can talk frankly about the day before 20th July 1974.
Greek Ta Nea newspaper analysed the time span before 20th July 1974 and said that Greece in the early 1950 set up EOKA organization in order to bind Cyprus to itself. This organization terrorized police stations, public sector and Turk villages in the island showing its aim as picking a civil war and pave the way for Athens’ interference. This statement of the newspaper was regarded righteously as ‘’ the confession came up after years’’. Greek Administration, believing that in order to make the whole world support the Greek Argument, it is important to convince firstly its own people, censors talking about the time before 1974 in front of the press. When the Greek Administration’ EU membership ceased the pressure, confessions related to the time between 1963-1974 increased. Andres Dimitrius, former EOKA B member, in his declaration published in Alithia newspaper on 22th November 2004, he confessed that Taskent massacre 30 years ago was made by Greek soldiers coming from Hirokitia village and they raped the women living in the region. Moreover, he used the statement ‘’ whatever we have done, we have done it with the legal force of the government.’’ Antonis Angastiniyotis who described the massacres in the three villages in his documentary named as ‘’Brutality to Cypriot Turks and The Other Side of The Coin’’, was marginalized in his own country. The documentary, in which it is told that 126 Turks were executed by shooting without making a distinction between women or children and buried in mass graves, was not telecasted on Greek TV channels.

The Nuclear Danger is Just 16 Kilometers Far Away From Turkey -31 December 2010

We as TURKSAM, organized a conference in 2008 and said “Are You Aware of the Danger?” to tell the possible dangers of Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant to the public. The conference which was organized by TURKSAM drew a great attention. But that was it… Interest did not continue, thus we could not present it as a national issue. We established a webpage, started a civil initiative and tried to attract attention to Metsamor. Unfortunately, today Turkish media and public opinion draws attention to this issue because of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear danger in Japan but still nobody has noticed the danger, close to us. Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia, which is 16 kms far away from Turkey, lies on the fault line where magnitude 9 earthquakes happened. Not so much, just a little time before in 1988, an earthquake happened in Spitak (a city in this region), approximately 50 thousand people died and the power plants became unusable. However Armenia opened the power plants again. Now, after any possible little-scaled earthquake, in Turkey and its region it is probable to live a disaster which will be more dangerous than Japan issue. While mentioning our hearts are together with our friend Japan society, we publish the detailed information about Metsamor Nuclear Plant which has to be taken seriously, below.

Political History and Economics of the Russian Federation in Vilademir Putin’s Leadership Period by Elnur MIKAYILOV

Vilademir Putin

Vilademir Putin

This research investigated Russia’s past and today from its economical and political dimensions as well. Putin’s aim is to make Russia big and powerful country as how USSR was a strong government 15 years ago. Analyzes also show that’s since Putin’s term in Russia there’re much economical growth in Russia’s economy and political chaos has been changed to politically stability in Russia. Putin placed special importance on the rights of Russian citizens living abroad.

In summary, by giving priority to political reforms through his first year in power, President Putin will probably be trying to extend reforms to several other areas. Another priority of Russian foreign policy would be to achieve integration with Europe. Though not making any clear reference to the United States, Putin saying that the United States should abide by the rules of international law.

Keywords: NIS(Newly Independent States), Putin, Russia, Russian Economy, Russia’s Political History. [Read more…]