Nusret Özgül

Nusret Özgül
Nusret Özgül

Nusret Özgül, journaliste depuis 1971. Ex-correspondant de presse à Bruxelles pour les médias turcs et étrangers.

Nationality: Belgian,  Date of Birth : 9 Mars 1949, Place of Birth : Izmir – Turkey

Freelance Professional Reporter. (EU, NATO, International & migration affairs), several Media institutions, as Milliyet, Anka Ajansı, Hürriyet, TRT, BBC, Voice of America, NOS/NPS, DW, Sweedish Radio-Merhaba etc. Doubleur/Dubbing/Voix – Off/Voice over : free lance/contractual (films) en turc/turkish.(Doublage)

His mental, moral and political philosophy can be expressed in other terms as some quoted below:

“Mankind is a single body and each nation a part of that body. We must never say ‘What does it matter to me if some part of the world is ailing?’ If there is such an illness, we must concern ourselves with it as though we were having that illness. Mankind’s well-being should take the place of hunger and oppression… Citizens of the world should be educated in such a way that they shall no longer feel envy, avarice and vengefulness… Turks are the friends of all civilized nations… Unless the life of the nation faces peril, war is a crime… Where there is no freedom, there is death and destruction… PEACE AT HOME PEACE IN THE WORLD… “Sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the people”… In Turkish society, women have not lagged behind men in science, scholarship, and culture. Perhaps they have even gone further ahead…”

“Je ne laisse, en tant qu’héritage spirituel, aucun verset, aucun dogme, aucune règle pétrifiée et figée. Mon héritage spirituel, c’est la science et la raison…”

His project YERELCE —

”I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

The above quote from Voltaire, sums it up pretty much. Yerelce, is a project set up by a Turkish origin journalist Nusret Özgül and some others writers and contributors to restore some commons values that are so lacking in the so-called “consensus-culture” of contemporary global freedom, the quest for knowledge, and the truth.

We defend freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. freedom of thought, conscience and religion, right to respect for private and family life,  prohibition of discrimination  and  though; we do not pretend to know the ultimate truth, we strive to acquire as much knowledge as possible by presenting facts and views that are hard to find in the world where we live…

We are not an organisation; we are a coalition of individuals. Our contributors do not necessarily share every opinion represented in the articles of this blog, but we know they all write with an earnest desire for the truth. What binds us is our defence of liberty and the conviction that the state exists to serve man and the sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the people.

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