16.6 C


Genetics Overview

The current decade cardinally changed the status of genetic studies. The pop genetics that tested present populations and projected results back to Adam and Eve is done with. Archeogenomics has exploded from infancy to studies of populations. The skeletons of archaeological cultures are gaining...


Alans, Alani, Alanliao, Aorses, As, Asii, Asses, Balanjar, Barsils, Belenjers, Burtas, Gelons, Halans, Iass, Iazyg, Ishkuza, Ishtek, Jass, Jats, Lan, Ostyak, Ovs, Rhoxolani, Steppe Alans, Yass, Yancai and other variations Subdivisions and ethnic affiliates Alans, Burtas, Rhoxolani, Wusüns, Yasses, Yazygs Etymology Türkic alan “field, plain”, hence Ch. calque Yancai/ Yantsai 奄蔡 “vast...