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Oldest Sanctuary In The World Gobklitepe, ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY, Dates Back 12,000 Years

In 1986, a local man discovered a statue while tilling the...

An Interview by “Le Monde” with Bernard Lewis By: Ayhan Ozer

Recently, the lower Chamber of the French National Assembly adopted a...

Jihad – The American Way by Ayhan Ozer

It is fair to admit that one component of Jihad is,...

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The most ancient history of Bulgars – 3

Chapter 17. War between Akhad and Adam and the reign of Adam (1118 - 1176) AD) To the throne was raised Azgar, but soon he mysteriously died during a hunt near the Nur-Suvar. Akhad became the Kan, and he immediately ratified the arrangement between the kazanchis and the subashes of the...

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The most ancient history of Bulgars – 3

Chapter 17. War between Akhad and Adam and the reign of Adam (1118 - 1176) AD) To the throne was raised...

The most ancient history of Bulgars – 2

Chapter 9. About death of the Salahbi and about his descendants (922 – 945 AD) Right before the campaign Salahbi decided...

The most ancient history of Bulgars – 1

Gazi Baradj Tarihi - The annals of Gazi-Baradj 1229-1246 AD There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is his...

Djafar Tarihi Preface

The tragic and dramatic story about the rescue of the annals Introduction There is much controversy and resistance to the publication...

Turks And Religions

KIPCHAKS by Murad AdjiAn ancient history of Türks and Great SteppeSaint George Publishing, ISBN 5-88149-044-4 A chapter on Tengrianism from...

Anthropological Differentiation in South-Western Siberian Population

Mongoloid Caucasoids of Mesolithic Dynamics of anthropological differentiation in South-Western Siberian population in Neolithic - Early Iron AgeProfessorial dissertation, Novosibirsk,...

Genetics Overview

The current decade cardinally changed the status of genetic studies. The pop genetics that tested present populations and projected...


Alans, Alani, Alanliao, Aorses, As, Asii, Asses, Balanjar, Barsils, Belenjers, Burtas, Gelons, Halans, Iass, Iazyg, Ishkuza, Ishtek, Jass, Jats,...

Power, Faith and Fantasy – America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present

by Michael B. Oren, a senior American - Israeli fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem who lives there...

The great Irish potato famine and the Turkish humanitarian aid to Ireland

In 2010, the Irish President Mary McAleese paid a visit to Turkey. During that visit, a historical event that...

Two Warships that changed the fate of Turkiye by Ayhan Ozer

This year, the month of June is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. It also...

The HODJALİ GENOCIDE: One of the most tragic crimes of the human history by Ali KÜLEBİ

One of the most tragic crimes of human history was committed by Armenians in the Hocalı (Hodjali) district of...