A Search Of Peace and Harmony, through Ethics and Decency versus Politics and Duplicity – Presentation made by: Sükrü Server AYA

Sukru Server Aya
Sukru Server Aya

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for sharing this time with me in your busy daily lives. A Turkish proverb says “for friendship, animals sniff but humans talk to each other”! As you may know, I am a listener, a reader, an average concerned decent person like you. I am no teacher, preacher, and not even a speaker and you can see it from reading my speech I prepared as a conversation with you. I will make my introduction as short as possible so I or we can hear your questions and try to uncover the truth.

To acquaint you with my principles, let me quote a sentence from page 43 of the e-book < Reconstruction in Turkey: A Series of Reports Compiled for the American Committee of Armenian and Syrian Relief (1918) William H. Hall (Editor). “American schools have aimed very decidedly at a high standard of scholarship but their primary aim has been character building. Their training in morality and control has been their drawing card. >

The Ottoman “millet” or “ethnicity” system and the equal co-existence without interfering in the internal affairs of each group, such as law, religion, education, hospitals and social services was one of the main reasons why the Empire could live some eight centuries in peace and harmony, by which the minorities or millets could flourish and become much richer, since they were more educated and handled all professions, even pivotal posts within the government or army. However, this advantage turned into a great handicap after the French Revolution and spread of “nationality” instead of “religiosity”. The Moslem sharia laws hindered the Renaissance or progress in science, medicine, industry and education. Western countries also took advantage of special Capitulation agreements and soon several Christian organizations started spreading their religion through churches, monasteries but above all through schools. American Protestant missionaries activated besides education also hospitals. Becoming Protestant was more profitable compared to Greek or Russian Orthodox or Catholic and soon the non-Moslem minorities were much better educated and hence, occupied economic and administrative posts. Very few Turks, educated by the special government administration were placed in important administrative posts, whilst the vast majority was simple peasants, earning their living through hard labour. They were the ones drafted in the army serving an average of four to ten years. But it was the minorities which flourished and were relieved from Moslem’s burden, simply by paying a very nominal poll tax!

In 1914’s there were about 675 missionary schools in the Ottoman Empire with about 35.000 students, almost all of them Gregorian Armenians being converted into Protestant. I am a 1953 graduate of the Robert College, the most reputed one, now the Bosporus University! At this age, I am exposing what I have been taught by my teachers, mostly American Missionaries. So, I am not speaking today as a Turk, but I am speaking in the lines of morality, I happily acquired from my school and teachers!

In a conference I gave in London in early 2009, the audience was surprised when I said “Globalization? Yes! But Ethics and human values first”. I am not a mentor but I am just one of the very few persons who shared the simple handout brochure you have been given with a few blank pages for notes or your questions! We named ourselves CPTSTRS or “concerned persons to set the records straight”! At the bottom of the brochure you have been given the links of three blogs, the first one is ours, the second one is the very old and most explanatory website “tall armenian tale” of our phantom friend Holdwater, who had whispered into my ear the name for my first book and the third one is “armenians-1915.blogspot.com”. I can see that most of you are already surprised for my giving the name of “an Armenian blog”. You may wrongly think that they are set-up like a Trojan horse or that we knew each other in person or we are a club team! No, we are only the decent sportsmen and we always play a fair game and therefore share the same ethical values not having seen each other, thousands of miles away!

The plain answer is: the moderators of this very COMPREHENSIVE blog are OPEN TO every one! We respect each other, but our unity is bordered by ethical rules, sincerity and truth. Their blog is active since August 2005, I met them by correspondence a few months later and they welcomed my writings and comments much more than the very few Turkish blogs where my name or books are hardly ever mentioned! How come? I have never met in my life any Armenian with whom I did not associate and shared the happy moments of my life, and I guess that I was lucky to meet this anonymous team of TRUTH SEARCHING and DEFENDING Armenians originally from Turkey but living abroad in Australia, Canada and Britain. By now there are over 300 E-books in their library including my first book ”The Genocide of Truth” which can be downloaded and printed in PDF format. They gave a section in their main menu, where you can reach my over 300 essays or articles among about a thousand of essays of various writers. This may be more than 6000 pages of documents only under my name! If you are to read all the postings in the past five years, now they passed number 3200 and if you calculate twenty pages for each we are speaking of 65.000 pages. When books etc are added you are speaking of 75.000 pages and if you add the videos and slide shows etc. we are speaking of material to read, scan and watch that may take not less than five years.

Sukru Server Aya
Sukru Server Aya

Gentlemen, I am one of the stubborn fools that have covered three-quarters of that material. If you have any doubt, go in there, read some contradictory essays and decide for yourself. The blog has over 50.000 readers from all parts of the World mostly the USA, some from Turkey, Armenia and other countries. You will be surprised to learn the names of some of the visitors, United Nations, many embassies, Universities even of Yerevan in Armenia.

All articles are open for reader comments! No one could belie one word or reference I have given in thousands. Gentlemen, you are welcome to join our group of concerned persons, learn and decide for yourself before believing “propaganda or set-ups of swindlers who make a living on this issue selling grudge, hatred and animosity as if a sweet pie”. If you do not believe me, read the interesting prophecy of a smart US newspaper correspondent of “Reno Evening Gazette” of Nov.14, 1915 in which he warned the readers “that these are all impossible lies, these persons are killers and professional beggars and that Americans should not be duped by them”! Well, despite some writings of Cyrus Hamlin back in 1895 and others, the “begging, swindling, victimizing lies continue” at full scale. I believe most of you and many Americans of Armenian or Turkish other ethnicities share the same moral values, in short, to be TRUTHFUL and DECENT in our acts and deeds!

Why these are not laid on the table by the Turkish authorities, speakers or scholars are mysteries that I have no logical answer! I guess that the many American politicians who sign resolutions put in their front, drafted by some smart Armenian lawyers did not read even ten or fifty pages on the subject and may not even be able to show on maps the countries they decide about!

More shocking is the fact that they do not even realize that they may be CONTRADICTING and ABROGATING the reports or resolutions taken by their forefathers in the US Senate and Congress a century ago. Are you surprised? Read my books, the resolutions are all there in English!

Gentlemen, although I have written and documented these in the past years and they are all in the subject Armenian blog with thousands of other pages, I was unable to alert politicians or speakers in my country or overseas. Do you think that they differ much from US bureaucrats or politicians in reading and learning before they speak out bright speeches with “ballast words” with no essence of truth and dependability?

Gentlemen, I am sorry that I cannot give all these documents and references like an easy swallowing pill, in a half hour talk with you. What more, I am inviting you to “take my words with reservation”. But please keep your reservation when reading most novels, movies, palavers, or books based on scenarios, short of logic, consistency, or minimum authentic documentation. Gentlemen, I ask you not to believe me, but go in the sources or my books where all the references are given word by word! Dear guests, make your own judgment before you join the lynching mob or the lonely TRUTH defenders!

If you find “one lie” out of my over thousands of pages, post it on the same blog and tell the world that Mr Aya is nothing but another liar! This challenge is open to any person of any nationality or faith in the whole world. Let us discuss history based on authentic documents! I will leave out thousands of pages of authentic Ottoman documents or archives which are open to the whole world! I will show Armenian or American or British books, official documents, agreements, and newspapers none of which can be denied! Let us not write history on grand-ma stories based on their baby-hood memories or generalizing individual incidents. I know that some “decent Armenians or sympathizers” who were brainwashed from the day they were born, may call me a liar; but they will not be able to submit a shred of an authentic document. It will be you to decide who is the one lying! A Pakistani scholar in literature, who was stationed in Turkey for several years and was also a colonel, spent few years in the Ottoman archives and finally wrote a nice book which you can find and download at the same blog. He named the book “Lies, Lies and More Lies!” Gentlemen, can a decent person endorse any lie or distortion! Shouldn’t we think well before we blame a person or a whole nation based on rumours, for a shameful human crime? What more, when we use our logic, we see that there is no reason, time, place, countable numbers or a possibility to have happened. It is that simple. In one of my essays or interview, I put it bluntly and said: “There is no Hell, No Paradise, No Martyrdom, no Genocide!” No one told me that I was wrong!

Words of an overwhelming majority, settled history etc. are empty words. Do numbers mean that “the majority is always right”? Remember, who objected when Jesus was crucified? Biggest mistakes are done by “frenzied crowds” misguided by “tall lies”. Think of how many Americans and Iraqis were killed because of the “weapons of mass destruction”…Sirs, the real destruction is human life because of liars and dupes who readily believe!

Now, let me share with you in a short logical evaluation, why GENOCIDE never happened, it could not have happened but if such a large scale revolt was to happen in any western country, the persons would have been killed right on spot, without any trial. Do I have to remind you that during WW II, if one German soldier was shot in Paris by the French resistance, the German army rounded immediately fifty or hundred ordinary citizens who happened to be in the street or nearby houses and shot they right there! If you wish I have documentary videos to this effect showing how Germans, British, Americans, French acted when they confronted any traitor!

Wasn’t there any wrongdoings, stealing, raping, bribing, corruption? Of course, there was! Why should “all Turks are innocent and right” at all times? I read that some food contractors instead of taking food to the famished soldiers, they sold on the black market and said they were robbed! However, the Ottomans had more than 1600 trials for those who mistreated the columns being moved or who took advantage or failed their duties. Only some 400 were found not guilty, 67 of them were court marshalled and hanged, the rest condemned to different heavy penalties? Couldn’t we say that probably many escaped without being caught or punished? Surely yes!

Can you show any Armenian ever convicted by Armenians or their allies during WW1? None sir, they are all great heroes when they killed Turks! (*)

Here is a photo of eleven years old elementary school children, dressed in army uniforms, being taught how to use arms and kill Turks! Of course!

Gentlemen I was surprised when I read Ottoman’s 3rd Army commander’s overall two-sentence order of July 30th 1915 to the gendarmes which escorted the columns being relocated, it read “Do not use any abusive language against the people being moved and protect their belongings” or else! Did Hitler give any such order to his Nazi troops, when sending Jews to death camps? And do you know that 22.000 of those Nazi soldiers were “special Armenian Legion Battalions” under the command of General Dro-or Butcher Drastamat Kanajan who murdered so many Muslims with refined cruelties but fled Armenia

in 1920, when their 3rd war against Turks was lost?
Let us put some mosaics or facts together and get the overall picture:

Sukru Server Aya
Sukru Server Aya

After the 1878 Berlin Congress, Czarist Russia obtained the right to “protect all Christians” within the Ottoman Empire. The idea of “freedom” spread fast in areas where Armenians were not even 20% of the people. Missionaries’ teachings through schools and propagandas of Russians and Western countries were instrumental. Armenians became the best buyers of weapons manufactured in the West, smuggled or imported freely in the Ottoman Empire. In the 1890s in a street demonstration in Istanbul, 1500 pistols were found on the people, they were all British made and same model. How many were at home, no one knows!

A British rifle which was priced 3 Sterling, was selling for 10 Sterling. It was a nice business for the manufacturer, exporter, importer, distributor, smuggler, carrier and finally the priest or the gang leader who pressed every Armenian to buy more than one gun per house. In Adana, in 1909 Bishop Mosheg was pushing the people to sell their last coat, and buy arms. A poor farmer, who said that he had no money but a pair of ox, was told to sell one. When he refused because he needed two to till his land, the Humpabet-gang leader shot one of them and told the farmer “now let me see how you are going to till”! Crimes, killings were done for money are by thousands, it was the circulating blood of things a century ago, it is still now. We read that when many Armenian refugees were dying of hunger and cold on streets, some of the Humpabet gang leaders were having their feast with beautiful girls in warm houses. If this strife is to end someday in a peaceful way for the benefit of suffering Armenians in Armenia, who get only advice from overseas and are compelled to immigrate to other countries for earning a living, today’s rotary cash pumps will have to stop. This means so many hundreds or thousands of people working in relief or propaganda jobs, camps, publications, schools, social activities, churches and up to financing election campaigns in the USA and other countries will have to be stopped. If the show stops, the actors are out of business since there is no one to contribute to campaigns and purchase votes. If you do not believe, just look into the lists of the contributors to the politicians who scream loud to protect the interests of their supporters rather than their flag. In one case I was surprised that in the campaign of a certain senator, half of the contributors were out of his state and there was not even one name who was not Armenian American! The need for cash is so dire and means so intricate, that even the Treasury can fall victim to Armenian Mafia robbery organizations in the Medicare system. What about those who are not caught?

Genocide of Truth, Sukru Server Aya

Genocide of Truth Continues

Let me put in a chronological or logical rundown of some highlights:

1. The system of asking ransom from rich Armenians goes back to 1890s.

Prior to 1900, the revolution leaders made their rules! They needed money and embezzlement of cash was called “potorig” or storm and those who did not pay or went to the police, were executed right away and their bodies were exposed in churchyards. Let us remember that Archbishop Tourian who disagreed with Dashnaks was murdered in front of the Armenians who gathered on December 24, 1933, for Christmas mass in NY.

Gentlemen, examples are by hundreds, two-thirds of the Dashnakist executions were through “sinless angel Gabriel” who punished Armenians who did not obey. If you think that much is changed for today, asks if children of rich Armenians can be baptized or married or buried by Armenian clergy, or if they can join the social activities, schools, camps, sports activities and others if they are not generous in responding calls! If you do not want to be the black goat in the flock of white lambs, act as you are told! Do not read wrong books even of Armenians, if they are not recommended by the leaders! And of course, stop or shut up all who speak for truth, label them DENIALISTS!

2. Many other Armenian Revolts had happened before 1914, which is our main crossroad. There are plenty of references in my books from the U.S. press. The most remarkable is their “Report given to 1910 Copenhagen Socialist Congress” in which they detail all their revolutionary preparations in every village. Gentlemen, everything is written down by them boastfully!

3. If the war was not to start, the Armenians were to have Autonomy in 6 vilayets or provinces and the general Inspector Governors, one from Holland the other from Norway, had already come. But with WW1 insight, this long-awaited “autonomy promise” collapsed before June 1914.

4. The ruling Ottoman Party had an old accord with Dashnaks back in 1907 that they will help each other to throw the Sultan! Armenians would receive autonomy in return. Before the war was about to start the Dashnaks had their 8th Congress in Erzurum in August. The Ottoman government sent a crowded delegation of 28 party members to convince Dashnakist Armenians to fight on the Turkish side when war broke out. Separately Armenians in Russia to revolt and keep the Russian Army engaged. The offer was sent to their Federation in Tiblisi and disclosed to Russians, French and British. Russian Czar promised 2 more vilayets raising the bid to 8 provinces; French and British supported their ally Russia! The offer was turned down and the exact opposite happened!

5. There were 150.000 or more Russian Armenian soldiers in the Russian army! At least a quarter of them was in the Caucasus front. There were at least 20.000 Turkish Armenian Volunteer units, who started their sabotages and fifth column activities before WW1. When the war started on Nov. 2nd,1914, very few Armenians in the Ottoman army fulfilled their obligation but the majority deserted the army with their rifles and joined the Russians to fight Turks. After this experience, Turks took the arms of their Armenian soldiers and put them in “labour platoons” to work in road construction etc. We cannot say that soldiery was fed and cared well! The Armenian labour units shared the same fate but at least they were away from bullets. When WW1 started the Russian units made a big advance with the help of local Armenian Scouts and volunteers. They were barely stopped close to Erzurum! The Ottoman War Minister Enver Pasha and his aid German General Bronsart von Schellendorf planned a counteroffensive at Christmas time when the Russian army was to be on leave. But the mountains were very high, there were no roads; extreme climatic risks prevailed. The Turkish 3rd Army Commander had said that “he cannot lead his exhausted army, full of deprivations in such a venture”. Some of the soldiers had come from Arabia and Palestine. They had no boots or coats and were in a wretched status. The mortality rate in the back army was not less than 30% due to epidemics plus the shortage of food as well as draft animals’ fodder.

Three cargo ships which were supposed to bring supplies to the army were sunk by the Russian navy when they were not even halfway! This should have stopped the lunatic winter attack. But Enver took the Army Command himself! Soldiers were given only a 5-day ration of dry bread and were told that there is “plenty of food when they enter the Russian trenches”. If the attack had succeeded, the entire Russian army would have fallen prisoner and Turks would have reached Baku oil wells in less than a week. But the opposite happened! A cold blizzard and storm with degrees under – 30* C or about 25*F with heavy snow caused columns to get lost, which met a heavy Armenian Volunteer resistance.

Accordingly, 60 or 80.000 of a 90.000 army died of cold and starvation in the shortest possible time in history. They froze to death like statues in the open or in caves. If you read the book of Garekin Pastermadjian (Brave Armen) “Why Armenia Should be Free”, you have plenty photos and explanations of the bravery and resistance of Armenian units to stop Turks and save the Russian army. (X) Pastermadjian was a member of the Ottoman Parliament but also a very old terrorist who had raided the Ottoman bank in 1896! Later he became a doctor of chemistry in Switzerland and returned back to Armenia. Before war started, he and his battalion of over 2000 cavalry were in full action.

In April 1915, the city of Van (where the revolution had started in January) fell to the Armenian Revolutionaries and the Van Republic was declared in May 1915. Out of 80.000 Muslims living in the city, only 1.500 were left when the Russian army entered the city. The Turkish part of the city was levelled to zero ground at that time and is kept in that status for evidence even today!

6. In mid-March 1915, British and French navy was bombarding the Dardanelles Straights’ positions. The Ottoman Government issued the last moment warning to Armenians through the Patriarch to “stop revolution or fifth column activities” or else! This was taken as bluff since the Allied forces had tried to cross the straights by navy but they suffered heavy losses. Now they were to reach Istanbul in a short time overland. On April 24th evening 235 Armenian notables (marked by the police as helping the revolutionists) were arrested in Istanbul and exiled to some towns inland close to Ankara. None of them was killed. This is the date, Armenians mark for their “genocide”. The next day on April 25th, the British, French and Anzac forces landed at different points of Gallipoli and the bloody war started!
Some trenches were as close as 30 – 50 yards, Turks had about 250.000 dead and wounded and the Allies almost as many but mostly wounded. When this last breath war was in progress, the Armenian guerrillas were busy in East Anatolia cutting logistic transport routes, and telegram lines. They were forcefully supported by local Armenian villagers.

7. The war zones in the East were to be cleaned of all civilians, including Moslems. This was needed by the army who was under the joint command of Turkish and German generals. The known Russian solution was to push folk towards the enemy to be killed between crossfire. The only other way out was to get rid of them so that they cannot keep the troops busy when badly needed upfront. The only humane solution was to “resettle them within the lands of the Empire where there was no war” and to return them when the war was over because Turks too believed that it will be them to win the war!

8. It will be absurd to claim that this huge and sudden relocation process was carried with success by a government which had just lost an army of 80.000 young soldiers because of mismanagement and lack of logistics. Relocations started in early June 1915 and ended before December. Protestants and Catholics were exempted at the end of August, and were permitted to return to their houses! They were counted not dangerous! Families of many Armenian employees in railways and even army telegram-phone rooms were not touched. Families were given 5-10 days notice to pack and leave their valued belongings, stored in churches under lock, or to sell or let the government rent their real estate. They were free to take their animals and movables with them. Very poor families, in certain cases, were provided with ox carts. Despite the heavy army traffic on the limited railway Armenians were permitted to travel. Transfer camps with tents were set up, for one-day walk distances with kitchen, infirmary and even priests. When it was possible, typhus patients were served milk and yoghurt. However, it will be an exaggeration to claim that such camps were provided with enough food, and caretakers or sanitary facilities. Most deaths were caused by starvation, epidemics and weather conditions. Yet no one mentions that it was the British war tactic to cause the enemy to surrender because of starvation. For this reason, all ports of all enemy countries were blocked by Russian, French and British navy. The Brits made no exception for any! But Ottomans permitted Relief Organizations to bring and distribute food and money, after 1916! Of course, only Christians benefited!
If we remember that the German Field Marshal van der Goltz died of typhus and that the late American Ambassador Abram Elkus could not leave in time because he was sick of typhus, we can see that infected lice could find their way into the beds or clothing of most outstanding authorities.

9. Only a small fraction of the deported columns were attacked by marauding Kurds, Circassians or deserters, some in retaliation of previous attacks on them by Armenian bands or volunteer units. Experienced gendarmes were in the fighting lines. They were replaced by what was available. But we know that some 48 gendarmes died in gunfights with looters, but we also know that some of them when facing superior powers have surrendered the people or their belongings for a few coins, saving their own lives. But these exceptions were not too many and Armenians killed in bilateral brigand fights may not exceed ten thousand! Der Zor was not a desert! It was vacant arable land for cultivation on the Euphrates River. From the memoirs of Ambassador Morgenthau, who met the Armenian Patriarch Zenop Bezjian for the first time in September 1915 when he had come back from Zor to ask for assistance, we learn that “their column was not attacked, and they had all settled for business” but of course needed some cash for the coming winter?

10. Present claims are that in 1915, during this relocation process and later a total of 1.5 million Armenians were annihilated and disposed of. However, this palaver, in primary school math means that Turks killed every day 10.000 innocent Armenians for five consecutive months -non-stop- and dug 150 stadium size graveyards by hand to bury these bodies. The irony is that there is no document, no neutral eyewitness, no mass grave or evidence of any kind other than this rumour which was put into circulation in the 1960s after all Nazi Armenians (22.000) were admitted into the USA as “displaced persons” or innocent immigrants.

However, Americans or Armenians or no one brings a logical explanation as regards how it was possible to kill 1.5 million out of 1.3 or 1.4 million total Armenian populations in 1914 in the Ottoman Empire and still have a living balance on 31.12.1921 of 1.414.000 Armenians. This is according to the Relief Report which was unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate on 22.4.1922. Strange enough there are no words of atrocities in the report. But we have thanking letters of Protestant and Catholic Armenian Patriarchs. dor Morgenthau is in the Executive, and General Harbord is in Trustees’ Boards!

We have various other American and other documents confirming that in 1918 the living Armenian population was 1 million, but under their 2-year Dashnak Republic rule (May 18, 1918, to Dec.2, 1920) 195.000 Armenians died in their own country – Armenia because of starvation and epidemics. What more the Ottoman Empire had surrendered to the Allies on Oct.30,1918 under Mudros Treaty. Soon thereafter hundreds of thousands of Armenians safely returned back to Turkey from Syria and repossessed their estate. US Senate indicates this number to be 300.000! More reserved sources indicate an average of over 200.000 lives.

American General Harbord, who was sent with a mission to the Ottoman Empire in the summer of 1919 to report the status and feasibility of taking Armenia under U.S. mandate, in his report to the US Congress, stipulated that the atrocities were reciprocal. He also wrote that the Armenians who had returned after the Mudros Treaty were not under any threat or risk. Another report prepared by Captain Emory Niles and Mr Sutherland, clearly indicated that it was the Armenians who killed Muslims in large numbers with refined cruelties and that most villages were levelled by Armenian bands. The US Senate and Congress seem to be totally unaware of their own past records and are in a rush to take totally opposite new decisions, thus abrogating the old records of their grandfathers! What a colossal oversight or duplicity or ignorance! I call this, a shameful insult on humane intelligence by unfits!

Gentlemen, my books are full of details with irrefutable documents. No one could prove a single one to be wrong. The challenge stands open!

Since I claim to be a defendant of TRUTH only, you can be sure ladies and gentlemen, that if I am ever shown authentic documents and evidence to wipe out my references by thousands, it will be my duty of honour to defend the allegation of Genocide.
Until such a miracle happens out of nowhere and uncovers new facts, I hope that my readers and the “concerned persons to set the records straight” will support my struggle for decency, regardless of their past or present. If we put this matter of knowledge and human intelligence, in the straight jacket of nationality or religious fanaticism, they can call me whatever they want and put more gasoline on the fire of animosity and swindling. Who knows, some lunatics may send Angel Gabriel to say Hello to me to shut me up! But too late, my two books have reached some libraries and the first one has been downloaded by over 5000 persons, thanks to TRUTH DEFENDING Armenians of the referred blog!

Didn’t I say that I get very fine mostly with all Armenians who are not prejudiced or brainwashed, and can feel the warmth of the hand of friendship as a neighbour, extended under even such negativities? I only propose or offer my civilized good wishes, I never insist to shake the hands that are not clean or think that mine are dirty!

I thank you for your patience and welcome any short serious questions, to allow others to ask their questions as well.

Sukru Server AYA, New York, DC, April 5, 2011

-Interview with Sukru Server AYA on the Lightmillennium.Org
-Concerned People to Set the Record Straight
Photos from the video by Bircan Ünver, April 2, 2010, NYC.

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