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“The Genocide of Truth” and “The Genocide of Truth Continues…But Facts Tell the Real Story”.

An exclusive interview with Şükrü Server AYA on his books:  “The Genocide of Truth” and “The Genocide of Truth Continues…But Facts Tell the Real Story”. – Date: April 1, 2011 (Updated: April 5, 2011)
“What is really sacrificed is the TRUTH, that is what and some of my American, Armenian, French, Dutch, Turkish friends are trying to defend.”

Şükrü Server Aya is the author of The Genocide of Truth (2008), Soykırım Tacirleri ve Gerçekler (Genocide Traders and Facts – Turkish version, 2009) and as a follow-up he has written a second volume titled The Genocide of Truth Continues…. But Facts Tell the Real Story.

Sevgin Oktay, the organizer of Mr. Aya’s upcoming book presentations in the US as well as the founder of the “Concern People To Set the Record Straight“, announced Mr.Aya’s US visit as follows: “I am happy to announce that our Chevalier Sükrü Bey will be bringing his One-man Army to the United States to fight the “Armenian Fanatics,” as the flier (April 8, Georgetown University) says. He will be arriving in New York City on Saturday, 2 April. We have planned several events including a sohbet-type meeting on Sunday, the 3rd. On Monday, we have scheduled an interview with the Light Millennium TV at QPTV (Queens Public TV).

On Tuesday April 5, 2011, there will be a conference following a cocktail party at the Turkish Center, New York City. On Friday April 8 evening, there will be an informal panel discussion at George Mason University.”
Mr. Oktay organized a very compact schedule for Mr. Aya for his brief visit and stay in the US. While getting ready for the LMTV studio interview on 4th of April, I asked Mr. Aya if we could publish his interview on-line prior to the studio taping. He was very supportive and kind, accepting my proposal via e-mail. We greatly appreciate his extraordinary support and unique collaboration for participating both in LMTV’s upcoming program and this on-line interview. We are proud to present the below interview to you. B.Ü.

For a biography of Şükrü Server AYA

“They don’t care a bit about the Armenians in Turkey, or Armenians in Armenia immigrating to neighbouring countries to escape their own corrupt politicians who only give words, promises and excuses for years!”

“If the date of 1923 is accepted than Armenians Diaspora can make demands for compensation even for this last fourth phase of the war against the Turkish Republic in process.”

Interview with Şükrü Server AYA by Bircan ÜNVER, Lightmillennium.Org.
Light Millennium-LM: Thank you very much for accepting to give this interview Mr.Aya. It is an honour for us.

Şükrü Server AYA-SSA: It is me, the old man, that is honoured by your invitation and giving me a chance to share my feelings with my American best friends. I first came to the United States for business in 1958, and since then I’ve established many excellent friendships over the years, almost as good as the ones I have with my intimate Armenian friends.
LM: Your “intimate Armenian friends?” Could you tell us your very first experience with your Armenian friend(s) both in Europe, Turkey and in the US? Was it positive or negative? Is there any of them that have last up to date? In particular, were you able to make new Armenian friends during your research for both books? And, how did your Armenian friends received them?

I have “buddy Armenian friends” now for almost seventy years…

SSA: Actually, I hate to classify persons by their faith or ethnicity; and I am against classifying those of “Armenian” ethnicity to be separated as superior or inferior compared to Turks, Jews, Greeks, Romanians, Gypsies, Lapons, Indians or Arabs! In Turkey we never differentiated friends and neighbours from each other, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Turks, Bosnians, Albanians, Bulgarians; we were all ONE. I have “buddy Armenian friends” now for almost seventy years; we love each other’s families and keep away these low qualities, new fashion discrimination by ethnicity, nationality or beliefs. Some of my friends have moved to the USA for better living chances, but we see each other almost every year and we “just love each other” disregarding these cheap emotional words of immature persons, who hide behind such “superficial fraternities” instead of “simple humanity”! My new Armenian friends after starting this research are lawyer Kegam Karabetyan, who wrote the introduction of my Turkish book, and the phantom young friends at “Turkish Armenians blog”, Murat, Seda, Goulizar. For a few years, I had established a good pen-pal or Internet friendship with a prominent book writer in Canada! Apparently he was either subjected to criticism by his friends for postings open to all in writings, or he saw that he had no “documentary evidence” against my “open discoveries” flushing the “genocide fanfare”. He decided to call it off, I said O.K., but in one of the recent postings he mentioned, “he missed by warm friendship”. I do not care what he believes in or to what Catholic Church he goes or does not go! I write the “nakedness of the King” whether others like to hear it or not. My sincere Turkish Armenian friends understand me and my sincere intentions to protect the local Armenian community from the provocation of “IGNORANT SCHOLARS” playing for humanism with “apology etc. gestures”; and I may say that the Turkish ones are much worse than the Armenian ones!

LM: Could you tell us about yourself? Where were you born, and what were the circumstances and the environment during your early childhood?

SSA: As you know, present Romania was a province of the Ottoman Empire until the 1860s, and Turks from the Black sea region lived in many cities and towns on the Danube River, which became an international waterway after WWI. My grandfather was a sailor working on a dredging ship; and my father went to River Piloting School and became a Pilot Captain to guide large cargo ships on the changing currents of the river up to Braila and Galatz, which were the export ports for grain and timber. I was born in Galatz in 1930 as the youngest of five brothers and sisters, but we were of Turkish nationality. I finished elementary school in Romania when I was not even ten. When WWII started in late 1939 and Germany occupied Poland, my father packed all the house furniture urgently and the family came to Turkey on a cargo ship loaded with timber. Because my Turkish was poor, I had to redo half of the elementary school again. My father continued to work in Romania during German and later Russian occupation retired, travelled all the way to the USA, bought a cargo ship in partnership with others and worked for about two years in the Caribbean. My father was a nice looking man and I have no idea if I have any stepbrothers in those cities. My father died in a sea accident in 1951, when I was trying to graduate from Robert College while at the very same time I was working part-time for a Swiss company selling tractors and earth moving machines and separately for a Dutch company constructing the Zonguldak harbour. I had a hard time in carrying one school and two jobs for over two years to support my family; and when I graduated my school extended to me a scholarship by Chula Vista Rotary Club in San Diego to study journalism or business management in California. My family needed my support, so I was stupid enough not to grab that golden opportunity in 1953. Then I got married, and it was in 1965 when I could travel with my wife to San Diego and see the chance I kicked off. Since then, I am working like a horse. I have a son and two grandsons and a charming daughter-in-law all living in Michigan. My wife died in the year 2000 and since then I am struggling with my income or health or excellent social relations I have in Turkey and here.

LM: How and when did you first encounter or feel under attack with the claim of the “Armenian issue”? And what was your very first reaction and how did you handle it?
SSA: There was no attack, since I had and still have many buddy Armenian friends; it was my moral curiosity to learn if our forefathers were criminals as claimed. My findings confirmed by Armenians and Americans plus other sources are the exact opposite.

LM: The entire world is trying to be fixed on the “1915 events” as if the history of Armenians with Turks have started and ended in a single year in history. Thus, could you give us an overview of the “real history” of Armenians and Turks living together in co-existence about 1000 years?
“Armenians were the “cream of the cream and loyal millet of the Ottomans…”

SSA: Well, the Ottoman Empire existed for over 600 years because of its tolerance to many faiths, but was destructed because it could not keep up the pace with the Renaissance in Europe and change in education, industry, and new enlightenments. The Ottoman Empire, after 1512 and the conquest of Mecca, adopted the Sharia laws for many administrative matters, and this prevented the advance of Muslims whilst the world was changing and minorities such as Jews, Greeks and Armenians did not have any restrictions for improvement. In a couple of centuries, all arts, industry, and education were in the hands of non-Muslims. Muslims had most of the important top jobs but everything was outdated because of religious restrictions, plus “Capitulatory benefits granted” to most powerful Western countries. I think the same rights was extended to the USA in the 1840s and this economic and judicial self-imprisonment could be relieved in 1914 when the Ottomans entered WWI and unilaterally abrogated all capitulations in November 1914. Turkey could rid herself of this unbearable weight only in 1923 with the Lausanne Treaty. Western Powers and Russia for long wanted to partition or loot the wealth of the Empire, which they did not know or could not use. National inspirations soon spread in all Christian Balkan countries and these became independent with the pressure of Western Powers. About 5 million Muslims had to immigrate to Turkey in those years, after many massacres, disturbances, etc. Armenians were encouraged and promised independence by French-British and Russians after the 1878 Berlin Conference and they volunteered to revolt and grab some 6 provinces they declared Western Armenia. Their problem was that they were not even 20% of the living population in those lands, and their dependence on Western Powers was fictitious or superficial. Western countries needed Armenians only to slice the Ottoman Empire and sold arms at high prices. They were not willing to die for Armenians, whilst Armenians were volunteering in Europe – Verdun, Mesopotamia General Allenby Forces, and of course Russia their big supporter. But the Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the status and they were left by themselves, with promises and relief and military aids from Britain, France, and even some American Relief organizations. Armenians were the “cream of the cream and loyal millet of the Ottomans”, Turks other than few at administrative positions were poor farmers and served in the army for not less than 4-5 years, whilst the minorities were getting richer!

LM: According to one account, I read that during the emergence of the Ottomans in the 1100s, Armenians were under attack by other Western countries because of their religion. Thus, they invited the Armenians to their land as they did in the 15th century for the Jews. Is this true? Or what is the real story of the Armenians and Turks ”living in coexistence” in the history within a perspective of a thousand years? Where was the very first geographical location, and what is its actual narrative?

SSA: Armenians had accepted Christianity even before Emperor Constantine and their “Gregorian Faith” was not acceptable to Greek (later Russian) Orthodox or Catholic faiths. So, they were not welcome by other Christians. Russians tried hard to convert them into their Orthodox Church but could not succeed. In 1071 when the great battle between Turks and Byzantines took place at Malazgirt (Manzikert), the Armenians were supposed to fight on the side of the East Roman Emperor Diogenes, but at the very last minute before the war started they pulled out. This contributed to the victory of Turks who later started to spread and settle in Anatolia, and Armenians spread under the tolerance of the Seljuk Turks, but their acceptance in Istanbul or Constantinople was possible only after Sultan Mehmet conquered the city in 1453 and established a new Armenian Patriarchate competing for the one at Etchmiadzin. Armenians lived in small groups and were always under the central domination of major powers in the area, namely Persians, later Mamluks, and Byzantines, and finally the Turks.

LM: What led you to write these books? Who is/are your publisher/s? Was there any financial support or commission behind it?
There are over 2,000 verbatim excerpts I have picked out all from non-Turkish and pro-Armenian or neutral sources…

SSA: I am a good reader of History and I always had TOP EXCELLENT relations with all Armenians I met in my life. After the 1973 terrorist acts against Turks, I started to get more curious. I was an old reader of National Geographic, and the father of my English teacher Maynard Owen Williams was a missionary teaching in Beirut College, but the best photographer National Geography and Christian Science Monitor had in the last century. For example, it took me a few weeks to send my assistant at the present Robert High School and photocopy all articles on Turkey and Armenia from 1908 to 1950s. It is very valuable material, some 2,000 or more pages, all highlighted and I have used only one excerpt from those pages.

An ex-minister who was surprised at the amount of my knowledge convinced me to write a book. I said no one knew me; I had no title; and who will publish or buy such a book? He said that I was neutral with a different practical approach and I should leave such work for next generations. My first book The Genocide of Truth was compiled in about 3 years from about 30,000 pages and there are over 2,000 verbatim excerpts I have picked out all from non-Turkish and pro-Armenian or neutral sources. No sponsor or association or publisher was interested to touch the subject or buy in quantities; and finally, the Rector of Istanbul Commerce University printed 3,000 copies and gave me a few hundred for my author rights. They distributed the books to Turkish and American Universities and the few hundred I had is almost exhausted. But I took the advice of my “phantom Armenian friends” at and they included the book in their e-library. I am told that over 5,000 persons downloaded my book, and presently it is available there to download its PDF copies with my permit. I received a few book reviews and nice comments all from American, some Armenian readers. Only one Turk who lives in the US read and wrote an excellent review. Turkish universities, state offices, writers, politicians are in full silence. Who really cares to read some 700 pages with over 2,000 source references and some with comments? This is like counting the hair on a bearskin! Everyone wants the knowledge in a pill form or half an hour for a period covering 150 years. Everyone seems to be happy with his or her prejudice. In one of my articles in the blog, I put the title “There is no Monster in the Attic”, trying to explain how the readers are made to believe impossible things to have happened or been true!

LM: Did the Turkish community or research institutions or officials support you during your research and the process of publishing your books?
Don Quixote, or Lone Ranger, or Chevalier…

SSA: Don’t make me laugh, or put me in a position to embarrass Turkish institutions of all categories by exposing their absolute indifference, ignorance, or curiosity to hear what not what Sukru said but what many official documents books wrote! I don’t consider myself a writer because I am very reluctant to make analogies like movie scenarios. I am a reader and compiled my readings to share with other readers who are curious to be on the right size. I am frustrated by this absolute solitude and efforts like Don Quixote, but recently a columnist named me the Chevalier instead of the Lone Ranger!

LM: Who have been your constant supporters in terms of research or encouragement to help you overcome difficulties prior to, during, and after the publication of your books, which are very challenging both domestically and internationally?
“What he thinks he knows already and does not want to hear or read anymore.”

SSA: As I said I never had any support of any kind from anyone. If there is anyone that can contradict me, please write to the blog site of “Armenians” so that they can write that someone thinks that I am lying. The challenge is open to the whole world! I have just a few friends devoted like me to the truth, sharing our ideas, but these are less than ten fingers. If you go to a Turkish bookstore, you will find many books against Turkey in Turkish and English; they are not interested to publish not even sell my books. My second book in Turkish, which is a summarized version of my English book, published in 2009, I paid for all 3,000 copies and I still have about 1,000 copies for Turkish readers. I have no advertiser or big brother; the comments I receive from ordinary readers are flattering and eye-wetting. But I received no comments from those who should be interested to read what I discovered from other sources. The same fact applies for my third book, for which I have again very few but very high appreciating comments from top scholars, but none from Turkish associations or writers or scholars! Everyone is happy with the amount of “what he thinks he knows already and does not want to hear or read anymore”. And this is the REAL TROUBLE, in other words, “people believe in what they want to believe, the truth is what they expect to hear.” They will not distort their dreams with the REAL FACTS!

LM: During your research, what did you find completely new and what was shocking that you didn’t know before?

SSA: Almost everything is very new and a good lot of it has been posted in the e-library of Turkish Armenians. A very reputed diplomat scholar who received my last book told me on the phone “Mr Aya I thought I knew everything, but after reading your book I am surprised to learn so much new and wonder where you found all these”. Justin McCarthy, the most reputed American scholar on the subject, wrote me an excellent letter expressing his surprise as regards how I could find so much new material and present them in a readable manner. I do not like to butter myself; why don’t you ask those who should know better, because they talk and write much more than me?

LM: How long did it take to research, write, and publish your very first one, “The Genocide of the Truth”?

SSA: It is hard to answer the question; to me, it sounds like, how many breaths you have taken…and since when? The research may well go back to ten years in partial works, but a compilation and counting the hairs took 3 years.

LM: How was it received in Turkey, Armenia, and also internationally?

SSA: Those who cared to read sent their sincere compliments; those who do not or did not care to read may say, “that it was not worth reading” but when they may such a slander they don’t even see the list of contents or the bibliography with sources. That will take less than half an hour… But even that much is too much of their valuable time… So they continue to talk “ballast words” to prove their knowledge with empty but heavy words.

LM: Prior to writing your books, what was your main profession? And how did it contribute to your writing?

SSA: My profession was, or still is, selling automotive engine rebuilding equipment and machinery and 90% of it was made in the US. This covers all engines from motor scooters, cars, and heavy trucks, all types of engines, including aircraft or large ship engines. I never went to school in the US, but I did a lot of commercial and technical correspondence, translation of manuals, etc. Again, I did not WRITE MUCH, I read, compiled and offered my learning to the readers. Discovering something new is indeed self-satisfying! Too bad for those who do not have such a hobby or pleasure to defend the truth they learn!

LM: How and when did the conflicts between the Armenians and the Ottomans start prior to 1915? And who were the supporters, and providers of weapons and all sorts of material?

The leaders who dragged good Armenians into disasters are all escaped!

SSA: That’s a long story that may take hours. Let me tell you this: at this moment in Armenia, some elementary school students are taught how to kill Turks and wear military uniforms. In 1895 in a street demonstration, the Ottoman Police at that time found 1500 revolvers on the demonstrators, they were all British, same make and model. Don’t ask me how many were at the houses. I have photos of Armenian women posing with revolvers in their hands. One British rifle valued 3 pounds was selling for 10 pounds distributed by gang leaders or some clergy. In 1909 in Adana, the archbishop Mosheg was telling the community to sell their last coat and buy arms. Who said it? An American missionary that was in the community and was shocked to hear such sermon! Result: Mosheg planned to become a prince in Adana; but after revolting in 1909, he escaped to Egypt, but over 3,000 Armenians and about 1,500 Muslims died in street fights. Yes, the leaders who dragged good Armenians in the disasters all escaped!

LM: In my opinion, one of the most disturbing words in the world, as well as one of the worst crimes, is “genocide” that also I consider “All Wars are Genocide” regardless of any form of justification. With that, I did not feel comfortable with the usage of the word “genocide” in your book titles. Thus, using this word as the title or keyword in your two books risky and sort of “reaffirming” the Armenian claim? Or do you consider that your titles transit effectively the essence of your books?
The [book] title is a reaction to all these lies and brainwashing.

SSA: The title of my book was whispered to me by a great TRUTH defender who calls himself Holdwater and has an excellent website “tallarmeniantale” full of undeniable material and evidences. Actually anyone reading “tallarmeniantale” and “” need not to read anything else. But if you start reading today and do nothing it may take you more than 5 years to read over 120,000 pages and watch several hours of videos and slide shows. They are all there as close as a click for those “searching the truth”. The title is a reaction to all these lies and brainwashing. What is really sacrificed is the TRUTH; that is what and some of my American, Armenian, French, Dutch, Turkish friends are trying to defend.

LM: Also, what is your opinion on the changed year/s and period in the “Armenian Resolutions”, which has been brought up in front of the House of Representatives since 1981– that started with 1915; then in the later years changed first to 1915-1918; then to 1915-1920 and lastly to 1915-1923? In your opinion, what is the real reason and politics behind this change? Is it a way of saying “history has been reactivated and repackaged in the present time”?

SSA: My two English books are available in the Congress Library, they are also sent to the American Embassy in Ankara and Consulate in Istanbul. I have written several messages to President Obama and also sent a fax to several Congress Members. No reply from any of them. Since I have the same behaviour with Turkish authorities so far, I guess that they perfectly fit my above descriptions. The purpose was basically MONEY…collected for the cause but being split in unknown pockets. The founders of the system back in the 1890s named the system POTORIG, or storm, and the rich Armenian were assessed to pay certain amounts and declared in newspapers. Those who failed to pay were punished by angel Gabriel and exposed in churchyards. In 1933 the archbishop Tourian was stabbed here in New York right in the middle of the Christmas mass. What other proof do you demand? Watch the NBC documentary on the Armenians blog site; it tells about ANCA Chairman Mourad Topallian, how he collected millions to support the ASALA and JUSTICE COMMANDO terrorists sent to Lebanon Bekaa Valley for training by Palestine terrorists! It is all there sitting a chair away from President Clinton at the White House he could enter freely.

If the date of 1923 is accepted, then the Armenian Diaspora can make demands for compensation even for this last fourth phase of the war against the Turkish Republic in process.

SSA: Let me add that during the period 1914 – 1922, ARF – Revolutionary Armenians — fought exactly THREE great wars against Turks. The first one was in late 1914 when they refused Ottoman’s offer of autonomy against joining Turks against Russians, and they did the opposite which led to the deportation, but a large group moved with the Russian armies when conquering several provinces in Eastern Anatolia in 1915 and 1916! In 1917 when Russians started to return to Russia because of the Communist Revolution, the front was left to Armenians, who set up a Caucasus Federation named SEIM at the end of 1917 together with Georgians and Azerbaijanis and their massacres of Muslim villages continued. In May 28, 1918, the SEIM Federation broke up and Armenians (2nd War) were left alone. Ottoman Turks attacked and Armenians in the West surrendered with the Batum Treaty on June 4th, 1918 to Turks, became a Turkish Protectorate and sent their representatives Aharonian and Avetissian to thank the Sultan in Istanbul. They were received in early September 1918 and sent their telegrams of satisfaction to Katchaznuni, the PM. However, one month after the Mudros Treaty of 30.10.1918, on 30th November they abrogated the Treaty unilaterally and grabbed Kars and Ardahan provinces with the permission of the British Forces in Persia. This was the time that Ottoman Turks had surrendered to Super Powers with Sevres Treaty on August 10, 1920 when the Nationalist Turks of Mustafa Kemal were fighting against Greeks for their last breath. Yet the reorganized army of Karabekir swept Armenians for the third time and they surrendered on Dec.2, 1920 with the Adrianapole/Gumru Treaty and renounced the Sevres Treaty.

Many Armenians in Syria had already returned and repossessed their homes, under British-French occupation. But when British Forces pulled out and delivered South East Anatolia to French as per their old accord, some 5000 Armenian Legion soldiers who were in the French army started new atrocities, which ignited the national civilian resistance. The French Army this time was fed up with the lack of discipline in the Armenian Legion and countless lost of lives in local fights that they started to negotiate another peace with the Nationalist Ankara government in early 1921 and concluded the Frank-Bouillon Ankara Treaty on October 20, 1921. Soon after the

French Army had to pull out and the Armenians who had returned from Syria decided to leave with the French forces, despite the invitation of Turks to remain because all arts and business was run by Armenians. They decided to go and –as the last– a lot of them left on January 10, 1922 by French ships. The answer to your question is in here, if the date of 1923 is accepted, then the Armenian Diaspora can make demands for compensation even for this last fourth phase of war against Turkish Republic in process.

LM: Is this the core goal and plan if the “Armenian Resolution” is approved by the President of the U.S? Then what will it entail?

SSA: The purpose is to get such “a hold to make demands of compensation” forcing the US President to decline from the Settlement of Payment Agreements concluded between Turkish Republic and USA in 1937 that NO ONE MENTIONS!

LM: Another very disturbing factor is that the Armenian Diaspora, as well as individuals with a diverse background within the Armenian community in New York, each year claims a different figure for the loss of the Armenians during the “1915 events”. This happened to me several times as if I was the one who made their claimed execution!!! I was first shocked to hear that we killed 1.5 million people; another one accused me for “killing 2 million Armenians!”; and two young Armenian producers accused me saying “you’ve killed 3 million Armenian people!” directly pointing a finger at me! How can history change so rapidly and the death toll can double, particularly in reference to the “1915”?


SSA: All reliable sources, tell us that the Armenian population within the Ottoman Empire on March 1, 1914 according to French and Armenian records was less than 1.3 millions, and about 580,000 of them were in what they named Western Armenia or 6 provinces they demand. This figure is confirmed by various other neutral sources including American newspapers or National Geographic who wrote that in 1914 all Armenians in the Caucasus was less than 2 millions. If you calculate Armenians in Russia as 500,000, in Persia as 100,000, the maximum figure reconfirmed by others is about 1.4 millions. Now, the Near East Relief Report approved by the US Senate on April 22, 1922 asserts that on Dec. 31, 1921 there was 1,414,000 Armenians alive in the whole region. Now, I demand an explanation as regards how it is possible to kill 1.5 millions out of a total of 1.3 or 1.4 millions and still have a balance of 1.414.000 alive in 1921? The report is in the Blog and my book, has been approved unanimously; Ambassador Morgenthau is in the Executive, General Harbord in the Trustee Committees, both Protestant and Catholic Patriarchs express their gratitude and nowhere they or others complain of any genocide or mass killings. Go and ask the US Senate why they wrote wrong in 1922, because now the Armenian Diaspora knows better! A few months ago Mr. Harut Sassounian in one of his articles boasted that there are 11 millions Armenians in the World. I gave a detailed documented proof in the blog site, it did not even add up to 5 millions! Colonel Maksood Shaikh in Pakistan who wrote a nice book on this topic after extensive researches, named it:


LM: You strongly and openly announce and challenge that you have proven that all the core claims of the Armenian Diaspora have been fabricated and false. During the recent years, , we have seen some major shifts in the intellectual arena through “apology campaigns” not only in the US and worldwide, but also in Turkey, even in terms of presidential and governmental levels. With this in mind, how were your very first book The Genocide of the Truth and also its Turkish version: Soykirim Tacirleri received in Turkey and worldwide?

SSA: I show my sources and verbatim contents. If the sources and what I have excerpted is not a fabrication or distortion, then it is up to the others to prove the opposite. I lay my Armenian-American and non-Turkish sources openly on the table because history can be elaborated based on solid documentation, no fantasies or analogies or palavers or even mountain of doctored documents. As yet I did not see any “dependable document” supporting the Armenian genocide claim, I have plenty for the opposite. Of course there have been bilateral carnation and some retaliation. But 95% of the deaths were caused by epidemics and starvation common to all, Muslims alike, who did not even have camps with kitchen and infirmary or any RELIEF given to them. Relief Organizations reported that 98% of all reliefs were given to Christians only. Not even a sack of flour was given to the Camps with soup kitchens, many times with nothing to boil. Turkish soldiers could not even get one loaf of bread daily; they had nothing to eat either, and 30% of them died behind the lines. But no one counts Muslims!

My books have been mailed to all universities and related governmental offices in Turkey, several TV and newspapers. I have been just a few times on TV but since I kiss no hands and beg anyone, they are not interested in me or my works that go in the air at my cost of time, patience, and money. Why don’t you pose these questions to the Turkish news agencies or representations in this country?
My obstacle is my loneliness and as written in my last book to be the author-editor and publisher plus distributor of my books.

LM: As a combination of your two books, you refer to nearly 2,000 sources, which are not Turkish but mostly with a western base. Thus, were the sources accessible? In most cases, how did you track them down? What were the main obstacles to obtain them, and how did you overcome those obstacles?

SSA: Not all but a great lot of sources are accessible on the Internet in the blog sites of Holdwater and Turkish Armenians, in their library, and/or many book excerpts that have been sent to them after my scanning several books and documents. Actually, I am pleased to express my appreciation of both blog sites to their attention, dedication, and neutral presentation and voicing all type of comments. My obstacle is my loneliness and as written in my last book to be the author-editor and publisher plus distributor of my books. This is more or like raising your own wheat, turning into flour, baking the bread and offer it on a free self-service open buffet to the whole world. But that is not enough… Many expect room service and then they are reluctant to taste the food or book. I did not overcome them, had I done it I would have not spoken these bitter words!

LM: Do you consider that the US also supported the Armenians for their revolt prior to 1915, and also after WWI?
It is on the open buffet.

SSA: Officially, the US pretended to have a neutral stand. The indoctrination of American Missionaries for rights of liberty and self-determination had a lot of effects because they were widely spread and supported by many schools, hospitals and churches in the Empire. Most of the time, the US Government had to do what they were told by Missionaries or their strong politicians. In my last book, there is a chapter in which Colonel House, personal advisor of President Woodrow Wilson, expresses his regrets that the US did not officially declare war to Turks! It is there quoted from his own book. It is on the open buffet.

LM. What was the real reason and facts of the “1915” and getting there? How did it actually happen and what is the real picture of the 1915 incident? And, did it last until 1920 or 1923? What is the simple TRUTH behind it versus the Armenian Diaspora’s claim?
Nowhere I could find any “intention, cause, or instruction to kill”…

SSA: I think I have explained the reason and progress of actual three (and a half) wars by Armenians against Turks during the period 1914 – 1922. There were no Armenians left to make war against the Turkish Republic in 1923; however, they made some requests at the Lausanne Treaty in 1923 but Turks did not speak to them and their superpower mentors abandoned them. Now they are trying to revive a skeleton of peace they have murdered so many times.

Just in a few words, indoctrination, infiltration, provocation, great promises without assurance, previous corruption of some of the Ottoman institutions or executives but mostly lack of knowledge, expertise, and capacity to fulfil. However, nowhere I could find any “intention, cause, or instruction to kill”… Ottomans were fed up with the fifth column activities of over 20,000 Armenian volunteers fed and supported by villagers. They either had to send them towards the enemy to be shot in crossfire as Russians did, or tie some of them to cannons and blow them in pieces as the British did in India, or shoot them like Americans did in Okinawa or in Germany after WWII against German resistance or Russians did to Jews in pogroms. They chose the most costly and difficult. A few months earlier they failed to support the Ottoman army causing deaths of some 80,000 soldiers in two weeks without much fighting being the greatest military catastrophe in history. No one speaks of that. Were they to perform miracles when escorting Armenians columns? 48 Gendarmes died in fighting the brigands to protect Armenians, but some others sold the whole column against stronger brigands. All hands are dirty with a lot of mud and of course blood. But the Ottomans court marshalled over 1,600 suspects, some 400 were found not guilty, 67 were hanged, and the rest sentenced to severe penalties! Name but one Armenian ever punished by themselves or Western powers! None Sir, they are all innocent, heroes, and martyrs. ANCA sent their angels to Bekaa valley to bring justice by killing any Turk!

LM: In your opinion, who were the actual conductors of the conflict from its early stage until 1915?

SSA: I am still in the dark if all this forced money collection, or exploitation, or milking, whatever you name it, was done for the sacred reason of war for liberty? Or was it the other way around? Those trigger-happy looters needed a holy cause to cover up their ransacking cleverly and heroically! I have more evidence that money was and still is the cause… and they don’t care a bit about the Armenians in Turkey, or Armenians in Armenia immigrating to neighbouring countries to escape their own corrupt politicians who only give words, promises and excuses for years!

LM: Since the “1915”, the world has greatly changed in terms of borders and sizes of many countries, including the complete disappearance of the Ottoman Empire in history as well as the former Soviet Union. Regardless of all these changes, the Armenian claim, H.R. Armenian Res., never stops their ongoing campaign worldwide against Turkey; and tension is constantly escalating between the Armenians and Turks worldwide. On the other hand, Karabagh was invaded by Armenia and over 2 million Azerbaijani people have suffered, displaced, or died. The after-effects of it have been going on for nearly 20 years, yet the international community keeps silent while the drums and trumpets of the Armenian Diaspora reach to the sky! Why does the West have this persistent unjust manner against Turkey and all Turks? Moreover, how can we combat and overcome this?

SSA: Suggest you read Justin McCarthy’s last book “The Turk in America”. It explains the century-old prejudice of Christians against non-Christians and mainly Turks. Let me get to your attention a poster by Near East Relief Organization in the 1920s to collect money when most of the Empire was under occupation after the 1918 Ceasefire and the few nationalists were starting the last breath war against imperial powers. See the bloody Yatagan. I am afraid that most of the American Politicians or Clergy or ordinary people have the same imagination. In my 2009 London Conference, which you can find on the Internet, I used the title “Globalization? Yes! But ethics and human values first!” I have another speech prepared for the US for those that are sincere and ready to accept that LIES is not the way out to solve anything. Sooner or later it pops out as I started to show in my books.

LM: What is your opinion on the two Protocols that were signed by the two Foreign Ministries of Turkey and Armenia, in particular, after changes made by the Armenian Government on it?

SSA: I think that the signatories of the protocols knew practically nothing about their own histories and were trying to build a strong sandcastle on the beach. The signatories were not only excused my expression, historically ignorant, but they pretend to be smart and topple each other by using the backdoor. It was insincere and has no chance other than loss of time, especially for those in Armenia who are not let to accept the simple facts and look into the present and the future instead of expecting jackpots from nowhere!

LM: Which countries have been most benefited from this century-long conflicts then and now?

SSA: Time is the enemy and those who waste the valuable time on mirage are the losers. Some lose more others less, but the gambling hall is always the winner!
LM: How do you see overall goals behind it starting from the late 18th century including the 2nd decade of the 21st century?

SSA: I set no goals, no dreams…I only relay the facts that I have found. Common sense and human compassion and DECENCY is the only remedy… We have to be truthful to ourselves, to our neighbours, and everyone… Politicians may contradict their own sayings or records without blushing; we, the simple decent citizens, cannot!

LM: There are strong signs and references that there is a hidden agenda to re-activate and put into practice the 1920’s “Sevres Treaty”. What is your opinion on this?

SSA: Sevres was a dead born fetus from day 1 and is the bluebird in Katchaznuni’s words for the Armenians… If you believe and trust John Silver and the Treasure Island, dream until it becomes true. Then you can dream of 1001 Arabic nights and the flying carpets!

LM: I understand your point, but it becomes much more clear that this might happen even through changing the Turkish Constitution after the June 2011 election by the hands of the Turkish Government. In particular, the recent conference I attended at the Columbia University (Tuesday, March 29, 2011), where a new version of the Sevres was presented that it appeared as the TESEV aims to change or takes part in changing the Turkish Constitution in ‘ that’ direction. How do you interpret all these efforts within the context of changing the Turkish Constitution toward the long since Armenian or Western demanded direction?

SSA: I had voted NO on the change of Constitution, approved by the illiterate and misinformed majority who voted YES. I do not think that is the place and time to comment on this internal matter.

Regarding the “PROJECT (Money collecting) Machinery of TESEV, they receive very large amounts from foreign countries to promote anything that is against the Turkish Republic and institution, wearing robes of “Human Rights, Scholarship, Liberty, Freedom” and alike palaver, tilling the minds of simple Turks with seeds of hatred. Mind you, Sevres was signed on August 10, 1920 in a hurry by the puppet Ottoman Government, but the map of borders was ready and approved by president Wilson on November 27, 1921, just five days before the Dashnakist Republic surrendered for the last time to Turks on Dec. 2, 1921, and soon joined the Soviet Union as one of their provinces! In a book prepared by TESEV together with Bilgi University, which apparently took eight years, they thank the Swedish Consulate for their financial support to the Project. My posting and letters to the Swedish Consulate are all in the blog of Turkish Armenians but I am sorry to say that I did not hear anyone from our government or official body, publically inquiring WHY and HOW MUCH Sweden paid to TESEV to write a scholarly book, diverting the facts about Turkish Armenians and leaving out the most respected Armenians that may not share their trouble raising efforts. This “university work” which took eight years with the assistance of many tens of researchers other than the four scholar authors has an extremely biased bibliography, leaving out the most complete Works of Armenian historians and politicians and in Turkey leaving out even the total Ottoman Archives. Well, no one offered or dared to pay me even a nickel for my writing TRUTH or answered the facts posted to the knowledge of the whole “blind and deaf world” or especially our own official of NGOs. In old times I remember the gramophone records with the picture of a dog listening under the brand “His Master’s Voice”! Now a Money Machine replaces the gramophone, and the new brand should be called “Cash Register’s Noise”! Everything is on the Internet if you DO NOT WANT TO BE DUPED!

LM: What is your suggestion to American public, media, policymakers, politicians, and President Obama on bringing the Armenian Res. in front of the House of Representatives every year, as well as on the US president’s “annual” message in reference to the “1915” each and every year since 1981?

SSA: Please read your own history Congress, Senate, and archival documents and do not attempt to abrogate or correct what your grandfathers for long decided and wrote in their life. Who are you to write history drafted in your front by some imposters contradicting your own past or written records? The error is apparent; all you have to do is to look into the documents I show you!

LM: Also, if the Protocols are ratified by the Parliaments of both Turkey and Armenia as it is now, then do you consider that it will be serving to reconciliation and rehabilitation of both nations and communities worldwide?

SSA: The Protocols are not sincere or realistic. There is no tangible antagonism against Armenians in Turkey, but we are fed up with this “genocide” fanfare of the Diaspora. For centuries we lived embraced with each other, we see no reason why it cannot be successfully and immediately repeated if the provocateurs step out!

LM: Then what do you think about those Turkish intellectuals-media-and-academicians in Turkey, who are “reaffirming” and “echoing” what Armenian Diaspora exactly claims and demands, including this “apology campaign”, “H.Dink’s assassination”, while no one points out the assassination of (42) Turkish diplomats?

SSA: Those academicians are the travesties of scholarship because they “read selective sources”, they do not permit any opposite voice to participate in their seminars or conferences, and when they are invited by others who do not share their view, they will never attend the open debates but prefer to throw stones from newspaper columns or books generously supported by trouble and hate mongers, just because there are not too many to defend TRUTH, kicking out off the gold you can get if you lie or slander or speak without having learned the truth.

LM: What is your hope and suggestion to bring two neighbouring countries and Armenian and Turkish communities together for friendship, collaborations, business and partnerships, which will serve the Armenian people at large in Armenia as well as both communities world-wide, that could also be a model to all internal and international ongoing conflicts?

SSA: What do you think brought me here? Am I to settle the nonsense of everyday hated merchants or becoming one? Decent people enjoy happiness by understanding, helping and loving each other. I repeat: my best friends as a coincidence have been those of Armenian ethnicity and I am having the same comfort with some Armenians overseas scared to show their identities. Nothing will make us happier than seeing this balloon of palavers blown out in pieces. It is indeed a miracle how it still stands in the air!

LM: What is your suggestion to the youth in both communities to change the existing politics and move into peace process between two nations and communities worldwide?

SSA: I see no problem with Turkish youth; they are ignorant but not brainwashed. When youths come to know each other, they can communicate much better than elders. Stop the palavers, learn the truth, settle and embrace today’s realities.

LM: Are you hopeful that this issue will resolve in a positive and constructive way any time soon or do you see reconciliation between the two nations in the horizon?

SSA: If the future was dependant on decent simple people without other swindling intentions, the problem is settled immediately today. As long as those who rule us know what they want to know, but they make decisions, I do not see much of a chance for decent persons like us–unless we become a majority and tell our representatives that they are unfair and uninformed.

LM: What is your final message/words to the seeded global community of The Light Millennium worldwide?

SSA: Appreciate your trial and hospitality. Let us both hope that we contributed to waking up some dreamers or trouble mongers who make a living by fabricating and merchandising hatred! What a pity, what a waste of time in this short lifetime!

LM: Thank you.

Selected quotes from this interview:

– “Armenians were the “cream of the cream and loyal millet of the Ottomans…”
– “The challenge is open to the whole World!”
– “The leaders who dragged good Armenians in the disasters all escaped!”
– “The Near East Relief Report approved by the US Senate on April 22, 1922, asserts that on Dec. 31, 1921, there were 1,414,000 Armenians alive in the whole region. Now, I demand an explanation as regards how it is possible to kill 1.5 million out of a total of 1.3 or 1.4 million and still have a balance of 1,414,000 alive in 1921?”
– “Ambassador Morgenthau is in the Executive, General Harbord in the Trustee Committees, both Protestant and Catholic Patriarchs express their gratitude and nowhere they or others complain of any genocide or mass killings.”
– “Relief Organizations reported that 98% of all reliefs were given to Christians only.”
– “…But no one counts Muslims!”
– “This is more or like raising your own wheat, turning into flour, baking the bread and offer it on a free self-service open buffet to the whole world. But that is not enough… ”
– “Nowhere I could find any ‘intention, cause, or instruction to kill’…”
“All hands are dirty with a lot of mud and of course blood.”
– “The Ottomans court marshalled over 1,600 suspects, some 400 were found not guilty, 67 were hanged, and the rest sentenced to severe penalties! Name but one Armenian ever punished by themselves or Western powers! None Sir, they are all innocent, heroes, and martyrs. ANCA sent their angels to Bekaa valley to bring justice by killing any Turk!”
– “The gambling hall is always the winner!”
– “[His Master’s Voice]! Now a Money Machine replaces the gramophone.”
– “Nothing will make us happier than seeing this balloon of palavers blown out in pieces. It is indeed a miracle how it still stands in the air!”
“What a pity, what a waste of time in this short lifetime!”

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Special Thanks to:
1) Mr. Sevgin Oktay of the “Concern People To Set the Record Straight.”
2) Figen Bingül, for proofreading this interview.

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