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“Words Under the Lens Series” #1 : Greek word ‘KRUPTOGRAPHEMATOS”

Dear Friends,

With this, I would like to start a “Words Under the Lens Series” in which I will analyse a given word and probably some of its relatives. This way my presentations will be short and hopefully will be easy on the reader. In this first one, I will deal with the Greek word “KRUPTOGRAPHEMATOS” describing the encryption concept that has been the bases for the manufacturing of many languages from Turkish at least since the time of Sumerians. These manufactured languages include the Greek and Latin and also all of the other European languages that are supposedly derived from a so-called “Proto Indo-European” language which is deceptive disinformation that has been “successfully” perpetrated so far.

The Greek word “KRUPTOGRAPHEMATOS” means “writing in cypher; writing in code messages; cryptogram”. [Divry’s English-Greek and Greek-English Dictionary, New York, 1988, p. 567].

In this word the bogus letter is letter “M” which has replaced the original letter of “L” by so-called Caesar Encryption, , and H is an “I” in accordance with the rules of the Greek alphabet, [Divry’s English-Greek and Greek-English Dictionary, New York, 1988, p. 10].

The word KRUPTOGRAPHEMATOS deciphered letter-by-letter as “GHREP-SAKMAUPTOR-AT”, with “M” to “L” replacement, is a restructured and disguised form of the Turkish expression “GIRIP SAKLAUPTUR” (KIRIP SAKLAYIPTUR) meaning “he has broken and saved it'” or “he has broken and hidden it'” which is exactly the definition of the so-called “cryptology” in which words are first broken into parts and then parts are mixed so that the original text is not recognizable anymore. Letters “A” and “T” are just a wrapping used in structuring the word from the source Turkish text.

Alternatively, it can be deciphered letter-by-letter as “KHREP-GASMAUPTOR-O-T”, and with “M” to “L” replacement, it is a restructured and disguised form of the Turkish expression “KIRIP GIZLAUPTUR” (KIRIP GIZLEYÜPTÜR) meaning “he has broken and hidden it” which is again the same as above.

In this word generation process for the “Greek” language, the letter L in Turkish source text has been alphabetically shifted to letter “M”, thus making the resulting word further disguised. The Greek letter “H” is an “I”, and there is a normal shift between letters “D” and “T”. The wovel changes are dialectical changes. Some extra letters are used for wrapping and disguising purposes.

Turkish words KIRIP (GIRIP) means “has broken”, SAKLAYIPTUR means “he has hidden” or “he has saved”, GIZLEYÜPTÜR means “he has hidden”.

Thus the source of the Greek word KRUPTOGRAPHEMATOS has been a restructured, Hellenized and disguised Turkish expression as given above, contrary to all the linguistic and historical disinformation that has been perpetrated so far! Evidently, that “proto” or “BIR ATA”, that is, “one father” model and source language was the TURKISH LANGUAGE!

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya

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