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An Open Letter to the people of the United States of America

Yuksel Oktay

This is an appeal from a fellow American to the people of America around the world to oppose the adoption of House Resolution HR-106 pending at the House Committee for Foreign Affairs which may be brought to a vote in the US Congress before November 22nd, the Thanksgiving Day, under the influence of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi without your knowledge.

The Armenian Resolutions have been adopted or recognized over the past several years by 19 countries and close to 40 States in the USA only because of the heavy pressure of well organized Armenian associations and lobbies around the world, unjustly and defiantly, and without the people really knowing what it is all about. A resolution presented to the US House of Representatives, HR 106, if passed, would not only hurt the relations between Turkey and the USA, but also give the wrong message on the US Congress itself.

The Resolution also discriminates against the Turkish-Americans and their friends.
The United States of America is home to over 300 million people of every nationality and has a long historical relationship with the secular Republic of Turkey.

The long Resolution submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, obviously prepared by Armenian participants, falsifies history and misrepresents the facts.

The Resolution presents the tragic events through forged documents and the Sevres Treaty at the end of First World War, which was never ratified by the Ottoman Government and rejected by the Turkish nation, who fought a war of independence over it under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and replaced it with the Lausanne Treaty in 1923, when the Republic of Turkey was established.

Please take a moment to send your opposition to this non-binding but partisan and deceitful Resolution filled with unfair manipulation of history to your representatives in the Congress and to the Speaker of the House. Thank you.


Yuksel Oktay
A concerned Turkish American
New Jersey, USA

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