Rüzgarın Hikayesi – The Story of Wind


By Metin Atamer, Pioneer in wind energy, Writer and a graduate of Talas American High School.

Wind energy in Turkey is gaining importance every day in meeting the nation’s demand for clean energy. As of today, there must be over 30 wind power plants, large and small, across Turkey with an installed capacity of close to 1,500 MW, up from 880 MW in 2009 and 20.4 MW in 1998. Among the newly established wind farms is the Ziyaret RES at Samandag which EZSE Elektrik developed, but built and now being operated by FINA Energy.

The very first wind power plant in Turkey was built in Cesme, Izmir in 1998, followed by 10 MW Bozcaada Project, which recently went through an expansion. Metin Atamer, a graduate of METU with a degree in Physics, and the Principal in two energy companies, and one of the pioneers in wind energy since 1991 is the author of the new book, ‘’The Story of Wind’’. He was a member of the group that developed and realized the first wind power plant in Turkey and tells his story in the book. Today, Metin Atamer is a member of the Board of Directors of a company that owns and operates a 7.2 MW wind power plant and busy writing books to share his experience and his love of his country. All of his four books, including ‘’Talas’ta Zaman’’, which he edited and is a collection of experiences told by the graduates of the junior high school for boys, were available at the presentation with other books of his Publisher ‘’Yeni Insan Yayınevi’’.

The presentation of ‘’Rüzgarın Hikayesi’’ was made yesterday at Piha Sanat Merkezi where Metin Atamer briefly summarized his twenty-year adventure and signed his books. The place of the presentation was a gallery with many interesting oil paintings and meaningful sketches by Turgut Yüksel of Radikal newspaper adorning the walls. The two young owners of the gallery, established only a year and a half ago, hosted the event with wine and cheese and told the stories behind the paintings. Among those attending the presentation were Dr Hüsnü Ozdek and Engineer Tuncay Sergen, both graduates of Tarsus American High School. Figen Oytac, who has also studied and worked in the United States, told us about her accomplishments at TUBITAK where she worked for many years and her observations on the current events in Turkey.

It is interesting that the presentation was made while several conferences were being held on Renewable Energy with emphasis on Wind and Solar energy, in İstanbul, Ankara and Bursa (1).

The book is 151 pages with many photographs of wind power plants and several attachments related to wind energy developments presented without the usual chapters or sections which may make it difficult to read and lacks references, which would have been useful to the readers, especially those just getting into the wind energy sector

Congratulations to Metin Atamer, his son who encouraged his father to write the book and his wife for her support.

Yuksel Oktay, PE

Turkish-American Chronicle

9 October 2011, İstanbul

Note 1. Metin Atamer is a frequent speaker at Energy Conferences. His book, ”Memleketim Uzerine – About My Country” was introduced during the Novembe11-12 Energy Conference summarized below, presented for those interested in wind energy..