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The most ancient history of Bulgars – 3

Chapter 23. Reign of Gazi-Baradj (1229-1230 AD)

Meanwhile, Emir Iljas Yaldau, unhappy that he was not raised on the throne after the death of his father, decided to fulfil his sacred dream of the power. As soon as Altynbek drove off to the Djaik, Ilyas gathered 4 thousand kazanchis in the Urnash and went with them to the Bulyar. However, the Bulyarians did not let the hated by them ulans to enter into the capital, and the suvarbashis, explaining it, cited their oath to my father and declared their desire to raise me to the throne. Facing the unbending Bulyars, Yaldau decided that Gazi-Baradj would be better than his uncle, and agreed to it. Altynbek learned about the events before he had galloped to the capital, and went to the Bandja to the son of the Tarkhan Boyan-Mohammed. Bachman also came there.

The Bulyarians, without losing the time for anything, sent Khisam, who settled in the Kazan, to Djurgi with gifts. Djurgi loved flattery and was taken by such attention, but he released me not at all because of them, but in a hope to spread his influence over the State. I was also pleased, by the meeting with my son and by the given to me chance to leave the Balynian service. I went to it after my uncle Batyr has been convincing me, he was the son of Arbat. Batyr was the first Balynian boyar, held in respect by the others and even by Djurgi, and his son Nankaj was the commander of the Moskha.

I drove into the Bulyar and was raised to the throne by Tetesh, Ishtyak, Gazan and Ablas-Khin, whom I ratified as the Ulugbek of the Burtas at the request of the Mukhsha’s kazanchis and contrary to the will of Boyan. The population was still excited by the revolt of the fanatics lead by Kylych, who after the death of Mir-Gazi tried to not admit the accession of Altynbek and to pogrom the Christian quarter of the Saklan capital’s uram.

The suvarchi’s chirmyshes had protected uram, but one of the most respectable merchants, Abraham, fell into the hands of the excited paupers and was tortured to death by the crowd. The fanatics shouted, that they do not want a ”Christian Kan” Altynbek and that they wish to see on the throne a non-infidel Kan. It was not hard for me to guess that Kylych was guided by Yaldau, who tried to present himself to be a truly faithful ruler. When after prayers I came out to the people, the fanatics started exciting the crowd again with shouts about mine ”Secret Christianity”.

The paupers began to close on me, and Gazan with difficulties cleared with whips a way for me in the sea of people. During this heavy for my moment, when I was thinking of a flight, to me came Gali and said: “Instability of our Kans, all disasters of our State are from non-observance of our faith, which prohibits the slavery. Relax taxes on small freeholders, subashes and al-chirmyshes to the size of the time of Talib, confirm the law of conversion of igenchis to subashis and al-chirmyshes when they accept Islam, enlist the remaining heathen kurmyshes into the category of kara-chirmyshes, and make ulans into the bakhadirs , and you will act in accordance with the Koran”.

I immediately carried out his will, and this Mohammed-Gali law was announced on all maidans of the State. The kurmyshes, especially Arns and Serbiyans of the Mountain Side and heathen Bulgars of the Ar’s district, began to accept Islam in masses, and declare themselves subashis or al-chirmyshes. All attemptsof the kazanchis to reinstall the former order met the resistance of the newly converted and the Bulgarian subashes who supported them. The ulans were outraged, but Gazan, pleased with my diligence, kept them at a respectful distance from the capital. Certainly, the fanatics began to rage, but here I, securing the support of the Seid, with an iron hand pacified them without any risk for myself.

But, alas, Tile Djurgi again did harm me, starting raiding the Mishar Ars. Just then Altynbek raised his head and one year after my accession went against me with Bachman, as against the ”Secret Balyn sympathizer and the enemy of the Islamic State”. Gazan came to me and with a sigh told me that his kusyrbays cannot fight with their Arbuga brothers. I realized that it was time to go on the lam, and quickly left to the Kazan, where the Ulugbek was my Khisam. On the way I, having notified Yaldau, sent my family to the Nur-Suvar to him. The kazanchis wanted to ravage it, but the Emir suddenly took a sympathy to me out of his hatred to Altynbek, and personally saw Uldjan and small Galim to the citadel Baryntu.

Through the Kazan, under the protection of Gazan, I proceeded to drive to the Balyn with the remains of Abraham, with which I wanted to cajole the church, influential in the Balyn. My calculation turned out to be right. Djurgi was unhappy with my refusal to secede to him the Kazan but did not dare to vent his anger on me because of goodwill to me of the clergy for the transfer of the relicts which were immediately baptized. Their head inquired what I would like to ask from him. I asked for his pardons of As-Azim, who was with me at all times.

The elder was strongly impressed with my story how the crowds of the Bulyar paupers cried at me: “You brought the priest to baptize us”, and how the As-Azim at night was bravely digging out the remains of the unfortunate Abraham and was protecting them during all of our way from the fanatics. When I showed the main Urus cleric the wounds of the priest received during the skirmishes with the paupers, the elder shed a few tears and kissed As-Azim.

Having received again the appointment in the Djun-Kala, I went there with a vague idea that I can not suffer any more such a life…

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