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Turkish Media II

A New Old Newspaper ‘’Daily News’’, a new weekly from Girne,...

24 April 1915 – What Happened on that Day?

A Panel Presentation at Bilgi University, Istanbul.  Organized by the Human...

Genocide of Truth By Sukru Server Aya – Part 1

Istanbul Commerce University Publication N0. 25  - January 2008 Armenian genocide is...

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The most ancient history of Bulgars – 3

Chapter 17. War between Akhad and Adam and the reign of Adam (1118 - 1176) AD) To the throne was raised Azgar, but soon he mysteriously died during a hunt near the Nur-Suvar. Akhad became the Kan, and he immediately ratified the arrangement between the kazanchis and the subashes of the...

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Power, Faith and Fantasy America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present

By Michael B. Oren, a senior American - Israeli fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem who lives there...


When the opportunity came to travel to Uzbekistan to look at the Energy market, I took it without hesitation. I...

ANTRANIK PASA, by Antranik Celebyan. Istanbul, 2003

(Translated to Turkish from the original Armenian version by Mariam Arpi and Nairi Arek.) Peri yayinlari, Istanbul, Turkey The first...

An Alternate way to solve the Armenian Issue Through the United Nations

It seems that Turkey is up against the whole world in trying to convince them that the death of...

An Open Letter to the people of the United States of America

This is an appeal from a fellow American to the people of America around the world to oppose the...

On the Roads of Anatolia and Thrace, Turkey Hacikiri (Vardiha) Bridge on the Baghdat Railway – A 100 year old Engineering Masterpiece near Tarsus

While attending the Talas and Tarsus American Highschools in the fifties, we used to travel from Safranbolu to Karabuk...

Various Armenian Methods to Kill Muslims – Part 2

Hundred Thousand Muslims Were Slaughtered Mustafa Gül writes that 2,500 Muslims were slaughtered by 10,000 Armenians after Van fell to...

Various Armenian Methods to Kill Muslims

Here, the author chronicles the Armenian atrocities against the Muslim population prior to the deportation order of April 1915. ...

TURKEY Reached the ‘’Take-Off’’ stage in the 1930s.

Several newspapers reacted to the recent comment by the Turkish Prime Minister who stated that Turkey had just reached...

History of Turkiye – EU Relations

Turkey is the only pluralist secular democracy in the Moslem world and has always attached great importance to developing...